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    You were sitting in your office nervously biting your nails as your other hands was rested on on your stomach. You were only thinking of what had happened previously that morning with Hanji in the middle of the mess hall. You couldn't get the stupid memory out of your head.


    "Hanji I am fine! I just have a small stomach ache." You said and you sat down with her at the squad leaders table. She kept babbling on until Levi came over and sat down next to you. He gave you a quick peck on the cheek causing you to look at him.

    "You are in a pretty good mood? What's up with you?" You asked your boyfriend and he just grabbed his teacup and took a swig then looked at you again.

    "Nothing." He said and then you just shrugged your shoulders and turned back to Hanji. You noticed that she was smiling from ear to ear at you and Levi.

    "Is there something that I don't know about?" You asked and she simple waved her hand around and took a bite out of her bread. 

    You sighed and then stood up quickly. As soon as you did this you got really dizzy and you held your hand to your throat. Hanji and Levi both stood up and Levi put a hand on your shoulder. Tears were streaming down your face and you puffed out your cheeks. Hanji's eyes widened and she quickly pushed Levi away, picked you up and ran you out of the mess hall and to her office as fast as she could. She set you down by the trash can and you barfed into it. Hanji came over to you and held your (color) hair back as you continued to empty your stomach. When you were done she put a hand on your stomach.

    "When did you last have your womanly thing?" She asked and your eyes widened when you thought about it. You looked back up at her and sighed.

    "About two month's ago." You said and she smiled and started jumping up and down.

    "Well your pregnant (name)-chan! Congrats!" She said and tears welled in your (color) irises again and a smile came to your face.

    "Thanks Hanji." You said before getting up and walking out of the room.

~Flashback end~

    So now here you were, sitting in your office just worrying about it. 'How would Levi fell about it?' You though and 'Would he leave me?'. You sighed and rubbed your stomach. You got up and walked outside to you and Levi's favorite spot by the cherry blossom tree. You were walking up the hill when you saw a small figure resting against the tree. 

    "I didn't know you would be here." You said and he quickly looked up at you and stuffed something in his pants pocket.

    "You either brat. Hey what happened earlier." He said as he patted on his leg. You sat in his lap and leaned back against his toned chest as he messed with your hair.

    "Um......." You said and you closed your eyes and listened to his heartbeat. It was slow and steady but then it got fast.

    "I have to tell you something!" You both said making you turn and sit crisscross in front of him.

    "You go first." He said and then you pointed at him.

    "No you!" You said and he smirked. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a small box and held it up. Your eyes started filling with tears again and then he started to speak.

    "(name) I have known you for practically all my life. You have helped me and been by my side through the darkest moments of my life and I the same. The first time I layed eyes on you I was mesmerized by you. You are the most beautiful person I had ever meant in my entire life and that was when I figured that I would want to stay by your side forever and always and you by mine. I know I am not the most romantic person ever but you seem to see past all that and that is why I love you." He said and he opened the box beautiful diamond ring that sparkled in the suns rays.

    "(name) will you do the honor of making me the happiest man in the world and be my wife?" he said and you rapidly nodded your head and jumped into his arms. He slipped the ring onto your finger and kissed you.

    "Now what was so important that you had to say." He asked and you nervously laughed.

    "W-well you see I'm-" You stuttered and then looked at the ground.

    "I'm pregnant." You said and you felt Levi stiffen. A finger was put under your chin and your face was pulled up to look at Levi's.

    "That's amazing." He said and your eyes widened and so did your smile. He kissed your forehead and then pulled you into his chest.

    "I love you." You said and you could feel his shoulders move as if he was chuckling.

    "I love you too (name) Ackerman." He said kissing you on the lips.   
I did another! I have had this in my head after my last story "Let the games begin!" and so you could kind of say this is a small sequel. It's not much but I had to erase and try again like five hundred times. I hope you enjoy and please leave comments and feedback!

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I do not own SnK/AoT.

I do own the plot.

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