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October 23, 2013
Odin's Secrets by ~samflegal
Featured by ArtByCher
Suggested by Somaritan
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Odin's Secrets

Odin knows things that other Gods and Men cannot fathom. His two ravens fly across the world each day and report back to him on the goings on of Midgard. One of his greatest resources for knowledge is the magical preserved head of Mimir, Dead God of Knowledge and Wisdom.

“He was clad in a blue cloak and gave his name as Grimnir (Hooded One), and said no more about himself though he was asked.” – Lay of Grimnir

Original Painting done in Oil.

If you'd like a PRINT:
Please e-mail me at
I have 18 x 24 limited edition prints for $80
and 12 x 16 prints for $30
Please e-mail me and tell me which size you want and I will send a pay pal invoice.
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© 2013 - 2021 samflegal
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Shadowheart82's avatar
I think my favourite part of this picture is actually the ravens. They're really well done. They also seem a little... hmm.. less controlled (I suppose) than the rest of the image, which adds an extra element to something really beautiful.
Though the detail work on the belts are also very lovely =)
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IloveSkrillex97's avatar
Holy cow, this is awesome and super detailed *dies of amazement*
samflegal's avatar
Thank you! Don't die!!!
mlti-manhua's avatar
Hi Samflegal, we are having Monster Drawing Contest. We want to see monsters from YOUR culture, from your mythology! All participants win a Prize! Join us!
Thank you very much!
grisador's avatar
You are very welcome ! :)

Very talented work :nod:
SaneKyle's avatar
I heard someone put this up on a Pagan shrine. :)
When I get a job, Imma back you and Peter up on Patreon. Keep it up, man.
I tune in on One Fantastic Week. Inspiring. :D
JohnAshleigh's avatar
Very artistic indeed!
Tuiridh's avatar
Holy shit! This is badass!
samflegal's avatar
TnSabregirl's avatar
One of my favorites, Sam - glad to see it featured here. :-)
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EmperorPlumo's avatar
And to Oden's Court they sent Mimir's severed head! 
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ArtByCher's avatar
Congratulations, Sam! :clap:
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Thanks! and Thank You for featuring my art!
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