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Yggdrasil, the World Tree…

"An ash I know, | Yggdrasil its name,
With water white | is the great tree wet;
Thence come the dews | that fall in the dales,
Green by Urth's well | does it ever grow."

– Voluspa, Verse 19, Bellows Translation

The Nine Worlds, filled with the many creatures of lore, rest imbedded in the World Tree that has grown around them, custom fitted to provide each world with the support it needs. The deeds of gods and humans; giants and elves; and the creatures of ice and fire, drain like rivers out of each world, “with water white is the great tree wet.” The deeds roll down the Tree like dew, dripping down into the great well, Urth’s Well, the well that nourishes the tree.

Our actions fill the world, that feeds the tree, that supports our world. We are but one part of the circle, and our actions matter. How do you nourish the World Tree?

The original painting was done in oil and measures 18" x 24".

Norse Prints on Metal!

I just launched a new Kickstarter!

Fateful Signs presents a collection of ink drawings, by artist Sam Flegal, illuminated on shining metal and mounted on wood. These prints make the perfect home décor for any rustic Viking or modern follower of the old ways. All printed, hand mounted, and shipped in time for Yule.

Freya Resists

"Freya Resists"

"Many a fearless swordsman
Received the Tears of Freyja
The more the morn when foemen
We murdered; we were present."

– SKÁLDSKAPARMAL, Bellows Translation

Freya is gold, her tears are gold. She is often sought after as a prize by giants and the many foes of Asgard. She is valued by many for her beauty, but she is so much more, so much stronger, and so she resists!

My first drawing for "Freya Resists" was done as a part of the "Illustrated Voluspa." The verse referred to the story of "The Wall of Asgard," a story were Freya is offered as the prize. At the time I also struggled with feeling the pull of many who wanted my time, often people who didn't even really know me, but wanted a piece of me none the less.

Freya became an allegory for strength. One so beautiful and desired, yet when one looks deeper they will find she is so much more.

I hope that those who struggle with these feelings see Freya, and remember that they too are so much more. You too can RESIST!

Elemental Thor…

Thor is a force of nature. He is the thunder, the tornado, and the storm. His goats propel him through the sky and his red beard blazes through the heavens. He brings his lightning hammer to bear against the foes of Asguard.

My latest painting, "Elemental Thor," was done in oil and measures 36" x 36"

I just launched a new Kickstarter full of Norse themed art. Please check it out, donate, and share!…


Sam Flegal


samflegal's Profile Picture
Samuel Flegal
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Sam Flegal has been fascinated by the strange and the macabre from a very young age. Fortunately for his budding morbid creativity, he was raised in a household that encouraged his interest in all things weird—Sam’s father was a magician and his mother a ventriloquist and clown.

In December 2003 Sam graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, released out into the world to pursue his own strange art. Since that time Sam has vigorously summoned the dark creatures of his mind to make the unreal, tangible and the imagined, concrete.

As an illustrator for both book covers and games, Sam specializes in painting strange scenes of epic fantasy and graphic horror. He describes his art as “stylized realism,” portraying fantastical things in a comic book- like graphic manner, but with an eye towards real life. Sam’s preferred medium is oil paint.

Sam also uses his strange imagination to help others realize their dreams of undeath through the power of Zombie Portraits. Like a caricature from a dark carnival, Sam takes the living and brings out their inner dead.

If you are interested in having a Zombie Portrait done of you or a loved one, or if you are interested in hiring Sam Flegal as an illustrator, contact him at .


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JuliaBusko Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Love your work! I've been following One Fantastic Week recently and I find your words and your artwork incredibly encouraging!
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Thanks Julia!
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Thank you! That's Awesome!
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Your work is exceptional, Sam! :aww: 
samflegal Featured By Owner May 4, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you!
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Had a blast hanging with you and your wife at Comic Con! See you again soon, later brother-
samflegal Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
For sure!!!
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Oop not sure how I wasn't watching you here too, Sam. Easily rectified.:)
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