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Welcome to Samewada-fanclub!A group dedicated to celebrate the pairing of Samekichi and Wadanohara from the RPG Game "Wadanohara and the great blue sea"
Wadanohara and Samekichi by Gurinn Wadanohara and Samekichi by Gurinn Wadanohara and Samekichi by Gurinn Wadanohara and Samekichi by Gurinn
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The Rules and guidelines of this group. They are very important, please read before joining as a member!

🚫 No bashing/bullying/antis are allowed anywhere on this group. Keep in mind this is a group for SameWada shippers only. If you hate the pairing, please leave. Any and all forms of hate will get you a permanent ban. Negativity is not allowed anywhere on this group.

🚫 Character/Ship Hate art is not allowed and is forbidden. You will get a permanent ban immediately if your displaying toxicity/hate in your submissions.

:bulletblue: Respect the members and visitors

🚫Please do not spam or advertise in the comment section

:bulletblue: Please submit into the right folders.

Submitting art

While we do accept SameWada content only, this is the list of types of art that are NOT allowed in this group (And submissions to be declined immediately, and immediate ban)

🚫All and any forms of art theft- Art theft such as Reposting, Tracing and editing other people's artworks are not allowed anywhere in the group and will not be tolerated. Submit in your own works and creativity.
🚫Character/Ship Hate art
🚫Fetish Art
🚫Doll makers
🚫Screenshots from the Game/Manga Official artworks are not allowed either.

Additional notes
:bulletblue: Mature content is allowed as long as you put a filter on it.

:bulletblue: Keep in mind, this group only focuses on Samekichi x Wadanohara (Minami as well) Please submit only Samewada related content. Any content that has nothing to do with SameWada is not allowed.

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Staff Members of this Group

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(👑Founder and Administrator👑)
Hello, I go by Miji. I have been a Samewada stan since 2014 and I am still a very huge shipper of them to this very day. I am the self proclaim fandom queen of Samewada as well. ✨🦈♥⚓





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Additional notes

-We will accept affiliates as long as it relates to either Funamusea centric groups or RPG groups.
-We will not affiliate with groups that revolves around Anti-hate centric groups such as Anti character groups and Anti shipping groups.
:iconthe-moge-kingdoms: The-Moge-Kingdoms Looking for Mods :iconmogeko-ocs: Mogeko-OCs Mogege! :icon2d-games: 2d-Games For RPG Maker games :icondeepseaprisonergang: DeepSeaPrisonerGang "Love is not that far" :iconsamekichi-fanclub: Samekichi-Fanclub "...Leave this sea, right now." :iconeticalb-fanclub: EtiCalb-Fanclub ♢~The God x Devil~♢ :iconcafeshachi: CafeShachi Where Orcas lounge and meet. :iconmogeko-fc: Mogeko-FC Mogeko/Okegom/DeepSeaPrisoner :iconwadanohara-fanclub: Wadanohara-Fanclub Please always remain who you are


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Gallery Folders

'' ...You made it back'' by Seiini
They cure my depression by mijikai-tan
happy valentines day by rainyfurz
Chibi SameWada hug by mijikai-tan
Wadanohara fa by AkunoAkari
Master x Maid by mijikai-tan
FA wadanohara and the great blue by Monokurima
WATGBS: Please wake up......! by Heartofwing
Wadanohara x Samekichi by MitziShitaru
I'll be stronger when we meet again by aloenio
Reunited by mijikai-tan
Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea Happy End by AlexIllustrator
The Blue witch and The Lonely familiar by darkflames09
Wadanohara- I will always be with you by Mistynia
True end
Wadanohara fa2 by AkunoAkari
Samewadda by ErikoSawa
Shark hubby x Sea witch wife being all lovey dovey by mijikai-tan
Dancing beneath the moonlight by TashaShazali
Wadanohara only
-Reboot- by McRey
a lonely sea by marinaa-pop
she got fight stories to tell by marinaa-pop
Deep Sea Prisoner Cuties by Jolibe
Samekichi only
Butler Samekichi by mijikai-tan
Samekichi scene redraw  by ColorNerd1414
Samekichi by KamaleoaDrawings
Samekichi by xKyatrax
fem!samekichi .:wadanohara:. by ChicaSuperKiller
The Wizard of the Great Blue Sea by Eti-blanca
Samemi by Kyokinoeko
Female Samekichi/Samemi Sprites (DL) by kirky-chan
Samemi x wadanohara
samewada doodle by da-oko
Wadanohara x Samemi by Heartofwing
Neko!wada x samemi by mijikai-tan
So very gay by mijikai-tan
little apple shark by xsprinkledheart
Happy late father's day by mijikai-tan
Happy mother's day 2018 by mijikai-tan
Samewada family- Outfit change by mijikai-tan
True ending wadanohara stamp by mijikai-tan
Current obsessions by mijikai-tan
NSFW Sexual content

Mature Content

True Love (Samewada) by Gellaby
.:MMD:. ohana means family by LetAikoSellUGeico
Samewada week 2016
SamewadaWeek, Day 7-Ultimate Theme Song (SPOILERS) by MsGenny
Una Isla Llamada... by Ransaros
Minami -Official samewada child
Family snuggles (WATGBS) by BloodyAce123
Red samewada x Present samewada by mijikai-tan
Samewada Month 2020 -CLOSED-
Samewada Month day 27, Summer festival by mijikai-tan

It's official! Samewada wedding merch is finally here! You can buy them here! 🐟💒⚓

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I never really did expected funamusea to make one since they're always focused on other things beside samewada but now it has really happened ;;;;w;;;;;

Their child is really cute, having a few resemblance to wada's hair style and having samekichis hair color and his face ;;v;;b

Whatsurprisesmemoreisthatsamekichiandwadafinallydidthedo( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))
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