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Pum-pum ~

Heyo! by Sameore, visual art

Jack Skellington

Lonely Jack (digitalized) by Sameore, visual art

Hell, yes!

Trans Gentlemen by Sameore, visual art

Be the breath of your own creations

Sois le souffle de tes propres creations... by Sameore, visual art

Ma plume by Sameore, literature

Thanks to SMG4 for featuring this work!

Meggy n' Melony fanwork by Sameore, visual art

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My Bio

Sam + (Mét)éore

Présentation en français juste en-dessous!

Hello everyone!

(Here I'm writing a new description to introduce myself: yessir, something absolutely fresh and new... or not.)

Welcome Pumpkie

I'm Sam, some French dude who loves drawing as a hobbyist.

I guess the Frenchie who's described here seemingly likes good surprises, listening to music (but not mentioning his favorite genres), his fictional crushes , one or two bizarre talks, being silly, drawing random characters, anthropomorphic, anonymous figures, etc. He also recently found some interest in photography! #ButtAnyway

I also like supporting other artists, because I think it's quite important to have kind words from time to time, in the middle of this ocean of loneliness...

Pumpkie Yes

In my gallery, you may just find quite random stuff... including NSFW (Not Safe For Work/adult content)

Don't get too much lost in this mess if it's not your cup of tea...

Confused Pumpkie

I don't do any commission at the moment.

Digital and pixel artworks have been made with a mouse so far (and Paint dot net...)

I speak French as my Native language, and English as my second one. I also have some notions in Spanish.

Anyway! I wish you a good visit into my profile page!

Have a nice day (or evening!)

Waving Pumpkie


France Pumpkie

Salut tout le monde!

(Me voici plongé dans la rédaction d'une nouvelle présentation de moi-même: oui, oui, quelque chose d'absolument tout frais... ou pas.)

Bienvenue Pumpkie

Je m'appelle Sam, je suis un p'tit internaute français, qui aime dessiner en tant qu'hobbyiste.

Le type décrit ici-même semble apprécier les bonnes surprises, écouter de la musique (mais pas trop mentionner ses genres préférés), ses crushs fictifs, une ou deux discussions atypiques, être un boulet, dessiner des personnages randoms, ou bien anthropomorphes, ou bien des figures anonymes, etc; il a aussi été récemment pris d'un intérêt pour la photographie! #MEnfinBref

J'aime aussi soutenir les autres artistes, car je pense qu'il est important de recevoir des mots encourageants de temps en temps, au milieu de cet océan de solitude...

Pumpkie Yes

Dans ma galerie, vous pourriez trouver un peu de tout et de n'importe quoi... y compris du NSFW (Not Safe For Work/ dessins pour adulte)

Ne vous perdez pas trop dans tout ce bric-à-brac si c'est pas trop votre tasse de thé.

Confused Pumpkie

Je ne m'occupe pas des commissions à l'heure actuelle.

Les œuvres du type Digital Art et Pixel Art sont réalisées à l'aide d'une souris (et Paint dot Net...)

Le français est bien évidemment ma langue natale, et l'anglais ma deuxième langue. Sinon, j'ai quelques bases en espagnol.

Enfin bref! Je vous souhaite une bonne visite sur ma page!

Et une agréable journée! (ou soirée!)

Waving Pumpkie

Favourite TV Shows
Wakfu, Assassination Classroom, Martin Mystery, Magical Doremi/Ojamajo Doremi, Cardcaptor Sakura, etc.
Favourite Games
Super Mario, Metroid, Super Smash Bros, Kirby, Sonic Adventure, Spyro, Pokemon‚ etc.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Game Cube, Nintendo 3DS, Wii

👉 🔞 Adult Content Disclaimer

Dear Visitor,

Mind that some drawings in this gallery are more adult oriented.

Thereby, though the artworks implying nudity are tagged as "mature content", not all of this gallery is initially meant for children.

Nop Pumpkie

If you are an adult, you may still decide to check it out or not, at your own discretion. (Does he say while being nothing like self-confident!)

Thanks for your understanding! 🙏

⭐️ No need to WATCH me to thank me!

I think it's important to specify it, because some people might feel obliged to watch me back, either because I added one of their artworks into my favorite collections, or because I left some nice comments, or watched them...

Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Please, don't watch me (back) to thank me for anything!

Nop Pumpkie

I'd rather have nice interactions than watchers to be honest.

Only watch me if you are truly interested in what I post and want to see more of it (and only for this purpose...)

I won't get mad if you don't watch me back or anything of this kind...

Take care, everyone!

👉 About the Comment Section

⭐️ Héyo! ⭐️

Thanks for visiting my profile! I'm always pleased to receive comments, or greetings.

But mind that I would appreciate if you avoid posting anything like ads, spamming or self-promotional posts.

Though I tolerate a wide range of comments, keep it civil and respectful, here or anywhere else in my submissions.

I'm reserving myself the right to hide/delete comments that don't respect what's being said above.

Thanks for your understanding! Have a nice day/evening! ~

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Thanks for returning the llama! : )

Quite naturally! Thank you very much for your llama as well!

You're welcome Pumpkie

Thanks for this llama badge. May I introduce myself to you?

Thank you very much for your llama badge as well! Yes, of course you can!

Yes Pumpkie

Anytime. Hello. I'm Nickolas/Club-Dreamiverse and I'm doing good, you? Want to role-play with me in notes or chatroom?

Oh. ÔO

Nice to meet you, I’m Sam, well. To be honest, I’m not very familiar with role playing in general... but may I ask what type of role play you’re seeking on DeviantArt?

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