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Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Triceratops

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Who will win this brutal battle ?

( Dr. Thomas R. Holtz said ---- One can imagine the conflict between Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops may have been one of the greatest combats that nature has ever had.)

That is absolutely right..
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It can go either way. 
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Classic match-up! Holtz was spot on.

Should be obvious who I favor here.

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Triceratops would always come out on top. The only way for a Tyrannosaurus to win is to not fight it head-on but instead make a surprise attack.
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T-Rex in the most of times wins biting the triceratops's horns and breaking them and after this T-Rex goes for the attack in the neck of Triceratops an kill him with a help of his huge feet 
But sometimes the result can turn if the Tyrannosaurus miss the attack Triceratops can stick is horns on T-Rex's skin killing him
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Classic fight and really it could go ether way.
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P3DR0-MigalhasHobbyist Digital Artist
This was a very common duel In Cretaceous era, so I think both won this duel many times each. It's like a classic duel between two sport teams In the same league. So I can't pick an ultimate winner. Maybe T-Rex, because he know how to bite Trike's neck avoiding his horns, but just a little mistake would cost his whole life!
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Kester14Professional Artist
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Hhhhmmmm triceratops would win 7/10 because it's horns can stab the trex  
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Tyrannosaurus would win.
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JonaGold2000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
50/50 if you think Triceratops' horns were for physical defense. Otherwise the tyrannosaurus would win.
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the natural prey item for once.
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LordMasterJohnHobbyist Traditional Artist
Its complicated,
A more deep analisis should be made.

T-Rex could get Triceratops with its jaws on the head or back, and that would cause severe damage, While Triceratops could trust its horns upwards and kill T-Rex

.....I think Triceratops would win,
It would be very hard for T-Rex to reach any vital spot on Triceratops, While Triceratops' shorter height would give him the advantage and impale T-Rex's gut,

Maybe Triceratops was a natural prey for T-Rex, but For something those horns were made.
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JonaGold2000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
T-rex would. A trikes horns werent made for battle but display
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The idea that ceratopsian horns are brittle and incapable for battle is highly flawed, since in life they were covered in a layer of tissue and then a sheath of keratin that would sharpen them and make them more durable.
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JonaGold2000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is a pretty old comment.
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This ceratopsian is the exception to the rule.
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I think ANY ceratopsian with a combat-friendly horn morphology (eg. Triceratops, Torosaurus, Styracosaurus, etc.) would be "exceptions to the rule".
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Basically this. But here it is the size more than anything that helps.
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Let the battle begin Popcorn Popcorn Popcorn 
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Triceratops would win.
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hi my friend.i just want to say that there are larger skulls too thar are more 5 feet.the skull of t-rex imperor was around 7 feet!!i don,t know did you hear that or not but it is true and sometimes we have speciall cases.
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SameerPrehistoricaProfessional Digital Artist
Are you kidding me ? No theropod skull is known at 7 feet and i think there won't be a theropod which can have a skull at 7 feet on average. There is no such thing as T-rex Imperor. I think you are talking about Tyrannosaurus Imperator or Peck's Rex and it's skull is not 7 feet,not 6 feet either.
ghashogh's avatar know I mean that was a special case and I don't wan't to say that the average size of it's skull is 7 feet.but it can be.for example some of great white sharks have been seen that was about 30 feet and about 11000 pounds or some of saltwater crocs have been about 23 feet or even 30 feet and a weight about 6500 pounds but they are special and often great whites are about 15-17 feet and saltwater crocs often have almost same size but we have specials too.
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