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Sauroposeidon Size

:heart: Sauroposeidon was one of the tallest and heaviest dinosaurs. The head of this behemoth could reach 18 m (60 ft) in height with its neck extended and the animal overall was 34 m (112 ft) in length and weighed 50 - 60 tonnes. It's neck alone was 12m (40 ft), as long as a school bus.

Fossils have been found in North America (Oklahoma, Wyoming and Texas).
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Basically it's a bigger Brachiosaurus

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I have seen the track ways attributed to this species and it was cool to put your foot in its track. Interestingly it was very large for its time when other sauropods were shrinking in size. The other sauropod it shared its habitat with, Astrodon, was much smaller. It is also interesting that it is from the Early Cretaceous when sauropods were declining in the northern hemisphere. One of the last sauropods in North America until Alamosaurus appeared in the Late Cretaceous.  
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The tallest boi who ever lived.
Was Sauroposeidon the tallest dinosaur or there were others taller than it?
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Previously it was mentioned as a brachiosaur and then later on into titanosaurs. So i have changed it's neck pose from being more vertical and slightly increased the body size. Scaling up a brachiosaur based on the vertebrae of sauroposeidon can make the animal very tall and to have a long neck but as it is said to be a titanosaur, who knows how long was it's neck. The neck of a mamenchisaurus species is longer than that of sauroposeidon, so mamenchisaurus is taller, that is of course if it is going to have it's neck upright. No other dinosaur known from fossils is taller than sauroposeidon but any of the few footprints made my gigantic dinosaurs might be taller and massive. Any brachiosaur bigger than brachiosaurus altirhorax will be very tall. If Abydosaurus was really massive then it might be taller than sauroposeidon or rival it.
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so impressive animals ... I imagine how big was his heart to make him just walking !
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Sheesh. The image really puts the mind-boggling size of Sauroposeidon into perspective.
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A very big dinosaur!
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Wow! It's so tall!
I wish they where still alive, I would always be watching them!
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I would be doing that as well.
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Unbelievably enormous animal!
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