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Pentaceratops is one of the largest ceratopsians. It measured about 6-7.6 m in length and weighed about 5-6.5 tonnes. It had the longest skull of any land vertebrate, measured upto 3.2 m.

Fossils have been found in New Mexico, North America. 

(The image is based on
Titanoceratops. Perhaps, both the animals are same.)

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Awesome, but the largest estimate I know for Pentaceratops/Titanoceratops is 22 ft, and the skull estimate is shrunked to 8.7 ft. Source: Lehman, Thomas M. (1998). "A Gigantic Skull and Skeleton of the Horned Dinosaur Pentaceratops sternbergi from New Mexico". Journal of Paleontology 72 (5). and Longrich, N.R. (2011). "Titanoceratops ouranos, a giant horned dinosaur from the Late Campanian of New Mexico" (PDF). Cretaceous Research 32 (3): 264–276. doi:10.1016/j.cretres.2010.12.007.