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Pelorovis Antiquus Size

Pelorovis Antiquus resembled an African buffalo, although it was larger, robust and possessed longer curved horns. It had a horn span of 12 feet. Pelorovis Antiquus weighed about 1.2 tonnes, with the largest males attaining 2 tonnes, rivaling the American long-horned bison and the extant African giraffe. This ranks it as one of the largest bovines, and indeed ruminants ever to have lived. 

Fossils have been found in Algeria,North Africa.
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If anything this is heavier than the giraffe, as iirc, bull giraffes are normally 1100kg/1.1 tonnes, with the largest known one being 1930kg or 1.93 tonnes. This animal is 70-100kg greater in is range, and B.latriforms even greater. Pretty incredible to think about, especially considering the earliest known bovids.
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In case you didn't know, the earliest known bovid, Eotragus lived just 18-20 million years ago and weighed just 18kg (about 50-90% of the size of a Thompsons gazelle). Evolution can be pretty quick sometimes.
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I'm not sure if i heard that name before but did you noted that there is a very small bovid in this image ? Perhaps it is the smallest bovid to ever live or one of the smallest.
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It's the earliest one we know and they evolved pretty quickly once competition was down, so we can for now call it a legitimate case of rapid evolutionary growth and diversification.

Also, on an unrelated note, Do you have any opinion on the new Barosaurus revelation?
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I thought about seeing it later and now i did. Well,i don't mind which sauropod has the longest neck.I know few of them will have insane long necks and it's not surprising if the longest neck contender will be Barosaurus because in the diplodocids,you can note that the diplodocus use to have somewhat shorter neck with long tail while barosaurus have long neck with somewhat short tail.
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I mean an animal that's *conservatively* 50m long, had a 17m neck and weighed at least 100 tonnes for certain. That's impressive on its own.

And that's just the middle of the road interpretation of its size. If you use different vertebrae (from C11 for the lowest to C7 for the heighest, with C9 the middle), you get anywhere from 45-56m for length, 15-19m for neck and 70.5-138.6 tonnes for mass, assuming it scales the same as the normal Barosaurus, which admittedly isn't guaranteed. Giant sauropods often (though not always) have proportionally longer necks on one hand and more robust bodies on the other.

Still, if the higher estimates do turn out to be true, we have a Barosaurus that gives Amphicoelias a run for its money. Plus this animal could rear on its hind legs just as well as a modern bear.
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