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Megatherium vs Therizinosaurus

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This really could go either way. Therizinosaurus has the advantage in longer claws and possibly better agility. Megatherium has the advantages of having bone chainmail embedded in its skin, a stokier build, probably higher intelligence, and lacks therizinosaurus's hollow bones
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Therizinosaurus win with his huge claws can stick in Megatherium skin
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The winner would be Therizinosaurus, he his stronger and faster at the same time and he has bigger claws. Megatherium's only advantage Is his massive tough body. But anyway he would be easly slashed to death. I can't even find a way to give him the victory. Maybe the only way Is If he would luckly avoid Theriz's claws and push him, making him fall down to the floor and smash his neck.
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60/40 to the Therizinosaurus
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I`d say Therizinosaurus wins.
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the mega is not that smart theriz has hands stronger
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Interesting one, my guess is  55 - 45 for Therizinosaurus.
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I think Therizinosaurus... Not only it's claws are about 2 times as big as Megatherium's but also it can slash it's opponent head/neck with a uick, natural movement, without having to reach high up.
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KingOvRats is alive.....:D (Big Grin) 
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Yup, not dead yet!:D
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Especially when it comes to battles..=P (Razz) 
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Yep, I like the idea of those works and opportunity of discussion they give.
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