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Megaloceros Size

Megaloceros is one of the largest deer that ever lived. The Irish elk stood about 2 - 2.1 m (6.6 - 6.9 ft) tall at the shoulders and weighed about 540–700 kg (1,190–1,543 lb). It carried the largest antlers of any known cervid (a maximum of 3.65 m (12.0 ft) from tip to tip and weighing up to 40 kg (88 lb)). In body size, the Irish Elk tied with the extant Alaskan Moose as the third largest known deer.

Fossils have been found in Europe and Asia (Austria, Britain, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Siberia ) and Africa. 
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I've read that some species of Megaloceras were depicted in cave paintings.
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How might Cervantes latifrons look on here? 
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Doesn't matter if the weight is mentioned in kilos or pounds.Usually i don't mention as 'Kilos',anyway i changed it.
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Amazing that this animal had antlers spanning 14 feet across! BTW, great work!:)
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Its antler span is more likely 12 ft.
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Actually it is said that the Megaloceros is tied with the Alaskan moose as the 2 of them being both the largest deers to have ever lived,and that bring me to my next point like the moose the irish elk is estimated to have reached 850kg top.

Also what's a mastodon doing in the picture,there were no mastodons in Europe or Asia at the time of Megaloceros.
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Mastodon is removed.
The weight of Megaloceros is not more like 1550 lbs?
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Nice.It looks like you have added a couple mammoth,woolly rhino,and some mastodons.
SameerPrehistorica's avatar
Thanks.Before there was only Mastodons behind and mostly before the height of the picture was the same as the separate Mammoth and Mastodon pictures. Megaloceros is small compared to Mammoth,so it appeared like the Background is bigger but the Megaloceros somewhat looked small in the picture.So i cropped some from the top.Now it looks better.If you compare this picture with the Woolly Mammoth or Mastodon pictures,you will know that difference.
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I'm still surprised about how big those animals were, especially their antlers.
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nice work! however,I am suspicious about that mastodon there!:D
SameerPrehistorica's avatar
Thanks.Did you thought Mastodon didn't lived with them ?
Leogon's avatar
Well, you know... your mastodon looks like an american one.There were some species of mastodons in Eurasia as well,but not M.americanum...:-)
SameerPrehistorica's avatar
I removed it before some days..
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mastadons are in the back, lol:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) good work:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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I am impressed that it could keep it's head up with antlers so big.

BTW dude, are you that human next to it.? You sholuld really wear some coat when visiting an ice age :lol:
SameerPrehistorica's avatar
May be it is SameerPrehistorica.Lol. About that coat you said,nice thinking but you didn't thought about something else which i thought :) If you put a winter coat on a human for a size comparison with any animal,the human's body will look slightly bigger. I don't want it that way.
             If it is not a size comparison image,then definitely i would have used some coat.I could have just manipulated any attire for the human related to the natural background for all the pictures.Lol
So you just think that the human is wearing some kind of thick cloth underneath.Lol
KingOvRats's avatar
Perhaps it would indeed make such effect. at least some types of coats.

But you could always put a winter hat on your head, and a scarf on yur neck :lol: That won't change the size and give nice and funny impresson.:D not to mention it keeps you warm:D
SameerPrehistorica's avatar
Now certainly i don't need any coat because my shadow only exist.
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cool.this is one of my favorite extinct animals.i also saw a fossil of it at a museum.
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