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Mamenchisaurus Size

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Mamenchisaurus is a dinosaur genus including several species known for their remarkably long necks. Perhaps the largest species is M.sinocanadorum at 26 m(85 ft), additional remains attributed to this species but not yet formally described, the restored skeleton measuring 35 m (115 ft) in length.

Fossils have been found in Asia (China).

(If possibly M.sinocanadorum was 35 m (115 ft) in length then it's neck alone could be 16 m (52 ft) long or more and that would be the longest neck of any dinosaur or any animal for that matter. M.sinocanadorum estimated to have originally measured 26 m in length even though i have given a slightly larger size at 28 m (92 ft) considering the additional remains which may belong to this animal and is not formally described.)
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PaleoTigerHobbyist General Artist
Wow amazing!
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Looks like this one is taller than giraffotitan

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Mamechisaurus had a really long neck, even for a Sauropod. But I am not sure if they can raise their neck that high.

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Gods what a behemoth 😱
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:o I wasn't aware that it was that tall. That would make it the tallest known Sauropod in the fossil record? I think that Brachiosaurus Sauroposeidon, Alamosaurus, Puertasaurus, Patagotitan, Dreadnoughtus, and Argentinosaurus might be contenders for that tallest known Sauropod title as well. Are there any specimens of Argentinosaurus known to have rivaled Mamenchisaurus?
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SameerPrehistoricaProfessional Digital Artist
This is not the pose you would be seeing in other Mamenchisaurus images. I don't know if it is correct or not, I asked a paleontologist if this sauropod can hold it's neck vertically and he said yes. So I just made this pose for the comparison.
Any specimens of Argentinosaurus rivaled Mamenchisaurus in weight ? Argentinosaurus is heavier than Mamenchisaurus while the latter could be taller.
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Amazing artwork on this behemoth
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Oh, ok I see. Yea I was asking if Argentinosaurus specimens would've been taller than the type Mamenchisaurus. Because of how heavy Argentinosaurus is (80-100 tonnes+), I doubt it would've been able to extent it's head as much as Mamenchisaurus especially because it's nearly twice as heavy.
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You made it taller? I remember you wrote that it is 67 ft tall previously.
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SameerPrehistoricaProfessional Digital Artist
Yes,previously it was 67 ft tall.The Dinosaur's shadow was not good,so i updated the image while altering the neck slightly more upright making it as 68 ft.
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It would've needed an immensely powerful heart to stay alive.
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Leopold002Hobbyist Writer
The dinosaur equivalent of the giraffe!?!
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I dunno man, horizontal or vertical, 19 feet or 20, this thing is more intimidating than a lot of RPG bosses I've seen. incredible!
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SameerPrehistoricaProfessional Digital Artist
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There's a scaling error here. You claim in your writing and in the chart writing this creature was up to 20 (possibly even 21m) tall and yet based on the scale graph it would be 19m tall, as the distance between the 18m mark and 20m Mark is half of what it should be. Just wishing to help :) 
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SameerPrehistoricaProfessional Digital Artist
First,i don't prefer the word "claim" to be used on me because i am not the one who is involved in any kind of scientific research.Whatever animal comparison i upload,for them i am taking reference from few images from the web. (Even though those who have knowledge in those scientific research make errors as well and it doesn't matter if those errors are for animals known from partial remains.)
          Second,thanks for saying that.You are right about the scaling error. (That is,errors in meters). I would have noted that error after some days,anyway.But the animal and everything else remains the same.Indeed as per description,it is standing at 67 ft.I measure in feet only but the problem is,i mixed that with meters in some of the recent images which are having these charts. I can't able to continue with meters,it is giving a slight headache.It's better for me to use feet always.Tomorrow,all the new images which had these charts will have measurements converted to feet.
          Mostly i have noted in images,people mention in meters and i always use to type as 'feet' in descriptions but don't use to provide any chart in images.Now i am doing it and using 'feet' is the best,at least for me.
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Ah ok, thanks for replying. Even if you change it to feet, 18m is 60 feet and that would mean that the mamechisaurus in the chart would be 63 feet tall based on the scale if consistent. It's less a problem with measurement (I prefer the metric system personally but I find the imperial system easier to communicate). Best of wishes with it. Are you going to do anymore sauropods in future? 
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SameerPrehistoricaProfessional Digital Artist
Seriously that's a nice joke.I'm surprised that you thought it is 63 ft,it is indeed 67 feet.Now see the image.I didn't marked anything over 60 ft in the image but you can easily know that it's neck is crossing over 65 feet.That stone standing there is 70 ft high. The measurement in feet is easy for anyone to understand than in meters. Still if you are confused,there is a 5 feet mark below.You can select that and place it upwards over 60 ft and you can see that the animal's neck crossing 65 ft.Yes,i will do some or few Sauropods and now i just posted one.
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Looks even better now thank you. I'm surprised to find that it its 7 feet taller than sauroposeidon, though the other brachiosaurs like Breviparopus or b,Nougerendi may have been taller still, if not heavier 
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SameerPrehistoricaProfessional Digital Artist
It's not like really it is 7 ft taller than Sauroposeidon.I mean,if it really did had a 50 ft neck and if it can lift it's neck upright, then it will be taller than some Brachiosaurids.
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That's pretty amazing there. If amphicoelias was real as was that biometric law, then that creature would be beyond insane in size. While Carpenter estimated a neck length of 16.75m (almost 56 feet), the law given suggested a more accurate length would be 21.9m (73 feet) assuming the rest of Carpenters proportions are correct, which is dubious given that new paper on fragimillus's page. Tallness in dinosaurs is not getting crazy! 
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randomdinosHobbyist Traditional Artist
Was this really that big? On size charts i usually read that Mamenchisaurus sinocanadorum is 106ft long with its neck in a more horizontal pose
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IrynaFedorovskaHobbyist Photographer
wow! could be a nice slide :)
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