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This dinosaur was big, he could wound Paraceratherium with his front limb members, but It couldn't be enough to kill him. He's stronger than Shantungosaurus, he wouls headbutt him and push him down, killing him by smashing him.
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The Shantungosaurus displays it's size by rearing up and intimidates the Paraceratherium.
If forced to fight, the ornithopod would crush the mammal with not much problems.

The average Paraceratherium is only ~11 tonnes in mass, which roughly corresponds to a ~4.2-meter Paraceratherium at the shoulder.
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mutant zebra vs mutant llama.looks like a super fierce fight!i think they would just smash there heads together...
I don't see either of them fighting
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Rhinos and Elephants have battled.
I know but these 2 in particular don't look designed to fight
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I agree with the previous comment.:D
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well,in that case...

Shantungosaurus : I am slightly bigger  than you
Paraceratherium : No, i am slightly bigger  than you
Shantungosaurus : No, i am bigger ..
Paraceratherium : No, i am....
Shantungosaurus : Whatever, lets shut up and eat the grass
Paraceratherium : Good call.
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Then Shantungosaurus falls ill from eating something no dinosaur has eaten before.
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If it came down to fight i think it would be some 50:50, each of them having advantage in his own way ; the Paraceratherium is taller and has more massive legs, what woudl make it/s charging/stopmping more effective, but the dino has tail to slap him. if a tail blows hit's the leg it migt break it and such a big animal with a broken leg is good as dead.:)
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Hadrosaurs can stand on their hind legs very well.So Shantungosaurus is taller,it can reach 30 feet high if it stands on its hind legs.
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Well, no, I don;t think it works like that. When in bipedal stance it's much less stable I think. Espeically when  that big thing is charging at it.:)
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Instead of fighting, I think they'll become friends XD
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