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Great White Shark vs Xiphactinus

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Great White will win killing Xiphatinus with a bite 
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Well, this White Sharks are used to deal with big enemies like Saltwater Crocodiles or even bigger: the Killer Whales! So I would pick the Shark as the winner, he has sharper teeth, stronger jaw and he could be a faster swimmer. Xiphactinus's only advantages are his bigger mouth and maybe his heavier body.
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I think this ones about 50/50
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The shark. Deadlier bite.
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Both are around 20ft long and weigh 2 tonnes, so I'd call it a draw....
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shark. the other fish cannot bite its opponent to death.
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50:50 Britannia Biscuits
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I think Xiph wins. The shark has skeleton mage of cartilage that would pobably make it weaker in combat, compared to a bony fish.
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hmm...You have a point and i think it's 50/50.
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Why do you think shark has such big chances?
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Due to his cartilage skeleton and warm blood the great white would have far superior flexibility, speed and stamina. He could outmanouver and outrun the boney fish and a white sharks jaws do not give a damn about bones.
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I don't think that bigger flexibility would make much difference in this fight though. As for superior speed and stamina - do we know enough of that fish metabolism to be sure... And even if so, I doubt it would be a big advantage.. that fish surely isn't slow itself.
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Flexibility is always good in a turning fight and speed is a certain advantage of the shark. It has a better hydrodynamic shape and a skin surface that offers far less drag than the scales of a fish and the higher blood temperature of the sharks will speed up the chemical reactions in its muscles.
There is a reason why white sharks survived until now and these fish did not
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I don't know..I just said it
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Wow Xiphactinus was that huge?Xiphactinus looks like a monster...i say it wins.
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didn't know they where same size
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