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Gomphotheres differed from Elephants in their tooth structure, particularly the chewing surfaces on the molar teeth. Most of them had four tusks.The early Gomphotheres, such as Phiomia, had elongated upper and lower jaws, with relatively short tusks.

Gomphotherium Steinheimense showed a trend toward shortening the mandible.It had four tusks, two on the upper jaw and two on the elongated lower jaw. The lower tusks are parallel and shaped like a shovel and were probably used for digging up food from mud. Gomphotherium Steinheimense weighed about 7 tonnes.

Fossils of G. Steinheimense have been found in Germany.

Reference :

Based on the skeletal reconstruction by Asier Larramendi.

Larramendi, A. 201X. Shoulder height, body mass and shape of proboscideans. Acta. Palaeontologica Polonica XX (X): xxx–xxx.…
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