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Giganotosaurus vs Spinosaurus

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If we take the new reconstructions of Spinosaurus into account, then Shantungosaurus could just rear up and crush it.
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Spino wins because he is more agille and faster than the Shantungosaurus biting on the neck
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I'm gonna go with Shantungosaurus on this one again Spinosaurus just isn't built to take down big prey like Shantungosaurus.
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That Shantungosaurus looks amazing.. :o
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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsum work my friend!
100% love it all!
aloha from kauaii~kenney
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Any word on making the moa?
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I am in a busy schedule like never before.That is why.If suppose you want to know about this in more detail,send me a pvt.
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SameerPrehistorica's avatar there is no need to use that word.Alright,you sent me a note here before some days.That same thing.
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the zebra weighs more and its far bigger.I think the zebra wins. 
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<font><font class="">Shantungosaurus win this. It was larger by 5 t, and it was by far bulkier.</font></font>
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Shantungosaurus wins. It's too massive and powerful for the Spinosaurus, or for any theropod for that matter. I would give the Shantungosaurus a winning chance of around ~90%.

To everyone saying that the freaking theropod would have the advantage, please explain without using bad analogies like that human vs dog thing as arguments, while using logic, not that extremely biased "it's a herbivore vs predator, predator auto win" nonsense.
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that things HUGE!
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love it.:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Do you use photoshop? Great art! :D
And for the fight I'd personally go with shantungosaurus, as it was at least 3 tons larger in terms of mass, and in 9/10 of predator vs prey encounters the predator is either overwhelmed or made to retreat. 
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Good, a more rational assessment of this match-up, unlike the other comments...

Why is it that predators are always extremely overrated against herbivores by most?
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Not sure why. Herbivores where in fact just as impressive as carnivores, as they were able to colonise and grow to titanic promotions (the sauropods), and developed thick and advanced body armour making them far more durable (the ceratopsians). I personally prefer spinosaurus, but shantungosaurus deserves just as much respect and would defeat all theropods (not simultaneously) in a one on one confrontation the majority of the time. 
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