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Giant Devil Catfish Size



The giant devil catfish is one of the largest catfish in the world. It reaches up to 2 m in length.

A 6 m fish is a big fish for me, that's because generally i had more interest in extinct animals. However a man sized fish is big, at least in the modern world. I didn't much showed some interest in it until i saw Jeremy Wade's 'River monsters'. So i never spent much time to learn about some mid sized fish but through his show, i learned as much as i can. When this show first aired on TV, i didn't bothered to watch it. I use to watch few old shows and not anything new. After some years, i saw a video of Jeremy explaining a bite force of some fish which i liked. Then i began to watch some episodes of River monsters which i didn't saw before. He has a good voice and i like the way he explains things. Wherever he travels, the way he talks to locals and his detective work was awesome to watch and not to mention, the BGM in some of his series was good as well.

Among the fish he caught, he mentioned the goonch as his 2nd most toughest catch. This fish kept him waited for so long that his clothes got disintegrated on his back. He also looked somewhat leaner. After 7 weeks of frustration and pain, he caught a man sized goonch which he mentioned as 6 ft. He pulls his radio microphone and he goes into the water while the guides told him not to do it. He just swims in the fast-moving stream, he put his life on the line to get that fish and it changed the future of his show.
        After a decade, the second time he attempts to catch a goonch and it was a failure. As far as i remember, this is the only time i have seen him getting dragged into the water almost completely and his guides retrieve him. His hand was only seen and he still had the fishing rod. When he came to the boat, the goonch escaped. Jeremy called it a draw, saying that he earned one point in the previous episode which was a decade before, and the goonch earned one point in this episode where the fish escaped. He said that he was partially satisfied to know that the goonch is not extinct.

But a few years prior to 'River monsters', he did came to the Himalayan region and captured a small 60 lb goonch. The one he captured in the 'River monsters' show was 161 lb.
Jeremy Wade is an extraordinary man.

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