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Epicyon is a large lion sized canid of the subfamily Borophaginae ("bone-crushing dogs"). It had a massive head and powerful jaws, giving its skull a lion-like shape rather than that of a wolf. Epicyon weighed upto 170 kg. It is the largest canid ever to have lived.

Fossils have been found in North America.

It seemed different to me that there was always large felines but no large canines. A large canine would be awesome, at least Epicyon was close to the size of African lion. If i have to choose between canines and felines, i would always lean towards canines, especially dogs. There is no hate towards the felines. As the old saying goes 'Dog is the man's best friend' which is indeed correct. Some of them have innocent face, intelligence and no doubt they are the number one pets.
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Nice size comparison btw is this picture accurate?