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(Aetiocetus, Basilosaurus, Dorudon, Eubalaena Harrison,Orcinus citoniensis, Balaenula balaenopsis, Squalodon Whitmorei, Tokarahia lophocephalus, Zygophyseter varolai, Livyatan Melvillei, Odobenocetops, Cetotherium ratkhii, Brygmophyseter shigensis, Waharoa ruwhenua, Pygmy right Whale, Yangtze river Dolphin) - (extinct), Deraniyagala's beaked whale, True's beaked whale(Southern Hemisphere), Hubbs-Beaked-Whale, Indian humpback dolphin, Chinese white dolphin, Dall's porpoise(Truei type), Blainville's beaked whale, Australian humpback dolphin, Australian snubfin dolphin, Sei Whale, Irrawady dolphin, Humpback Whale, Common bottlenose dolphin, Long-finned Pilot Whale, North Atlantic Right whale, Shepherds' beaked whale, True's beaked whale(North Atlantic), Gray Whale, Pygmy killer whale, Southern bottlenose whale, North Pacific Right whale, Dall's Porpoise(Dalli type), Hectors beaked whale, Bryde's Whale, Andrews beaked whale, Blue Whale, Arnoux's beaked whale, Melon headed whale, Short-finned Pilot whale, Gervais beaked whale, Baird's beaked whale, Sowerbys-Beaked-Whale, Strap-toothed whale, Orca, False Killer Whale, Perrins-Beaked-Whale, Risso's Dolphin, Atlantic humpback dolphin, Spade-toothed beaked whale, Northern bottlenose whale, Fin Whale, Ginkgo beaked whale, Dwarf Minke Whale, Southern Right Whale, Amazon river Dolphin, Northern Minke Whale, Southern Minke Whale, Gray's beaked whale, Longman's beaked whale, Narwhal, Pygmy Sperm Whale, Dusky Dolphin, Dwarf Sperm Whale, Cuvier's beaked whale, Sperm Whale, Stejneger's beaked whale, Pygmy-Beaked-Whale, Beluga whale and Bowhead Whale.

Whales, dolphins and porpoises belong to a single group of marine mammals called the cetaceans.

The largest known shark carcharocles megalodon went extinct before some millions of years. Without the presence of a gigantic predator, the big baleen whales were able to flourish. Perhaps the extinction of the mighty megalodon that led to the massive size of whales that we see today and one of them, the blue whale has become the largest known animal on Earth.

Cetacea chart :

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