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Argentinosaurus vs Theropods

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Argentinosaurus vs Giganotosaurus | Carcharodontosaurus | Spinosaurus |
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Argentinosaurus destroys Giganotosaurus | Carcharodontosaurus | Spinosaurus |
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Size does Matters !!!

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Deform2018's avatar
Tyrannosaurus is just as poorly designed to hunt Sauropods as Spinosaurus was. Tyrannosaurus should have ran away the moment it sees Argentineosaurus.
ninjakingofhearts's avatar
Maybe T-Rex can push a huge bolder on the Argentinosaurus.
RizkiusMaulanae's avatar
This sauropod-beating multiple theropods paleoart is hilarious. 

Tyrannosaurus : "Dafuq is going on here ?"
Argentinosaurus : "Oh hell no"
Giganotosaurus : "oh sh!t, this ain't be good"
Charcarodontosaurus : "Look ma ! I'm flying !"
Spinosaurus : *dead*
lugia429's avatar
T.Rex "I never asked for this"
PaleoShack's avatar
A lot going on. An angry t rex, flying giganotosaurus , and dead spinosaurus. Wow.
kirkseven's avatar
I think Carcharodontosaurus is the one in the air
y87arrow's avatar
Yes, Carch' is the one flying behind Argentinosaurus' tail. Giga gets kicked in the stomach (or does he get lifted? looks like it!). You know it's Giga, when it has dark brown stripes on it's tail like it has in other pictures of the artist.
grisador's avatar
Lol ! Tyrannosaurus terrifyed face expression; it is pure masterpiece !

Althrought giga. might know how to kill it
Mralwaysright's avatar
Just bite the argentinosaurus in the balls and rip them out 
Calibersoul2012's avatar
They were likely internal due to its reptilian and bird relatives from both sizes (earliest and latest) of the dinosaurian evolution.
PCAwesomeness's avatar
T.rex: I surrender!
y87arrow's avatar
There can never be enough pictures where herbivores kick some ass. Especially Hadrosaurs & Iguanodonts are really underestimated. But those with Sauropods rock the most. :-D
Glad to see Giga gets his ass kicked. I don't like the "noto" in his name.
SameerPrehistorica's avatar
Sure there won't be enough pictures where herbivores kick some ass but that is how i will make,especially with giant Sauropods and i don't believe that pack of some large theropods took down 70 plus tonne giant sauropods.
       The only modern comparison can be pack of lions vs Bull African Elephant.So far i heard only 2 news where 2 big bull elephants was killed by pack of lions and it doesn't matter because one bull elephant got defeated by another bull elephant ,so it was wounded very much and later got killed by lions. The another bull elephant which was very old,can't able to stand on it's feet got killed by lions. There is no news of pack of lions killing a bull grown bull African elephant which is in it's prime. In news and video sites,it will be mentioned as lions killed bull elephants but those are young bull elephants.They won't mention in the headline as young bull elephants.Only lion fans can think their favorite animal could kill anything while there is no evidence of lion's predation against a full grown bull elephant. Always the big predators go after younger animals and sub adults of a large herbivore.So this should be the same story back then as i believe.
sumoowl's avatar
T.rex: *sees spinosaurus get killed* okay, I think I should just to go home now.
Carcharodontosaurus: Don't dish use you punk!
T.rex: Sorry guys, but I'm build for fighting things with spikes and armor, not these freaking giants!
LordMasterJohn's avatar
I say,
Spinosaurus is Killed first,
Because it wasnt made for striking large prey.

T-Rex, as a Power Predator it is, could land lethal bites on Argentinosaurus' legs, And maybe on the neck, but it would be too big to be Broken.

Giga and Carchar were giant slayers, They know how to kill this prey, They would jump and Take turns attacking Argentinosaurus' Flanks, And they would rip off Chunks of meat,
Provoking lethal wounds and Massive Blood loss.

T-Rex would end killed being crushed under the weight of the Sauropod, Since the legs were a dangerous spot to attack on a sauropod.

But at this point, it would be too weakened by Giga's and Carchar's Strike, And it would Die from shock and Blood Loss.
The 2 would then feast on the fallen Giant.

The Big 4 win
mark0731's avatar
I don't think so. I think theropods need pack of number 7 or more to beat Argentinosaurus.
LordMasterJohn's avatar
These are all giant predators.
And each one has different powerful weapons.
It would take a lot of time and a continous attacking,
But I think they can take Argintinosaurus down
Artlover1214's avatar
Amazing finnally someone knows Sauropods were no wimpy animals.
SameerPrehistorica's avatar
Of course Giant Sauropods kicks Ass.
SameerPrehistorica's avatar
It will join this image someday.
gytalf2000's avatar
SameerPrehistorica's avatar
Thank you.I have to update it..
randomdinos's avatar
Had there been 2 of each species and they used the Land-pirahna tactic, they'd have a chance, but this way... heh, Theropod Pancakes everyone!!
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