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Allosaurus vs Stegosaurus

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Allosaurus(2) vs Stegosaurus

Allosaurus - 28 feet long / 2.5 tonnes
Stegosaurus- 30 feet long / 5 tonnes
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1VS 1 Stegosaurus win slapping Allosaurus with his spiked and powerfull tail but  a Allosaurus pack can take down an alone Stegosaurus
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One Allosaur alone maybe can not kill an healthy adult Stegosaur, but two of them could do It. One of them calls Stego's attention meanwhile the other attacks, not from behind but from one of the sides, avoiding his spiked tail. One Allo would easly be hitted by Stego's tail. The only way to win Is to bite and slash him In his small head or In his belly.
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Allosaurus may be faster, but Stegosaurus can still out-turn it with its robust forelimbs and thus would win most of the time.
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1 Allosaurus 20-80 for Stegosaurus
2 Allosaurus 80-20 for Allosaurus
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Two against one is hardly fair, especially when the theropod is a ton heavier than in real life.
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So classic fight... In my opinion a 28 ft long one is too small to defeat a Stegosaurus, a 32 ft long one is closer, but still Stegosaurus wins more times than not, and if there was 40 ft long one, it wins most of the time.
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If Allosaurus is fighting against an adult Stegosaurus in all its might,
Stegosaurus would win
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Yeah, it would Just impale their head On a thagomizer
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In this image there is two Allosaurus. 2 is not enough but a pack of 4 or 5 Allosaurus could kill the Stegosaurus.
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Thats True,
But some would be killed on the try
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Alright, it's time for another famous battle.
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