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Hi DeviantArt! Here's my rates for commissions. Thanks! w00t! 


Portrait (Simple BG) -  $70 USD
Pintura - Fan Art by SamDelaTorre  Sandata - Fan Art by SamDelaTorre

Bust Up (Simple BG)  -  $90 USD
DC Trinity- Batman (Injustice 2) by SamDelaTorre  DC Trinity- Wonder Woman (Injustice 2) by SamDelaTorre  DC Trinity- Superman (Injustice 2) by SamDelaTorre

Waist Up (Simple BG) -  $130 USD 
Overwatch - D.Va by SamDelaTorre  Overwatch - Tracer by SamDelaTorre  Overwatch- Mercy by SamDelaTorre 

Full Body (Simple BG) -  $170 USD
Dragon Ball Super - Vegito Blue by SamDelaTorre  Kong by SamDelaTorre  Ultraman by SamDelaTorre

Additional Characters -  +$50-150 USD (depending on detail)
Complex BG -  +$30 - $50 USD

Simple Illustration (chibi) - $30 - $50 USD (each character)
Star Lord (1 of 8) by SamDelaTorre Gamora (2 of 8) by SamDelaTorre Groot (4 of 8) by SamDelaTorre Mantis (6 of 8) by SamDelaTorre Nebula (7 of 8) by SamDelaTorre
Wonder5 Masters- Halloween Contest Entry by SamDelaTorre
Zootopia - Sam Wilde and Jade Hopps by SamDelaTorre Clash of Clans - Jade Queen and Sam King by SamDelaTorre

Coloring - $50 - $100 USD (depending on complexity)
Batman Family by SamDelaTorre  Inhumans by SamDelaTorre  X-Men by SamDelaTorre  Thor by SamDelaTorre  Red Sonja (2/4) by SamDelaTorre Red Sonja (3/4) by SamDelaTorre

Flats - $10 USD (negotiable)

Commercial use- +$100 USD (full rights and I won't be posting it unless you say so)


• Deadlines- I might have other deadlines so please allow me to have as much time as I can. I’ll let you know when I could work on it and finish it. Should you have a hard deadline, let me know in advance.
• Payments- I accept payment via Paypal.
• Restrictions- Nudity and similar stuff may be allowed but please be aware that I have the right to refuse. 
• Posting- Please be aware that I may post the image. Please let me know if I'm not allowed to post it may incur additional charges (commercial use).
• There will be no refunds so please make sure you're sure about what you want me to work on and you've checked my gallery for what I can do. 
• For faster response, you can send me an email - 


1. Send me a note to check for the pricing, availability, and/or questions. Please include a short description of the project.

2. After confirmation, you may then proceed with sending the details for the commission. Please include references as needed.
  I’ll be asking for 50% downpayment to proceed with the commission. You may send it via Paypal. 

3. I will start the commission upon payment. I’ll be updating you (low-res images via email) every step of the way to avoid revisions. Major revisions will incur additional charges so please communicate well.

4. Final output will be sent upon full payment. 

Here are some of my Portfolio pieces: 
DarkStalkers vs StreetFighter by SamDelaTorre Gundam vs Zaku by SamDelaTorre  Power Rangers - Tommy Oliver by SamDelaTorre  Power Rangers - White Ranger by SamDelaTorre  Power Rangers - Green Ranger by SamDelaTorre
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is this always open? :)

I want to commission as soon as I get paid