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Happy New year to those celebrating now. i know there are more than a few who have a new year at other times of the year.

well its a new dawn, a new day. and i am preparing a contest, with a real prize for the winner. so to give you all a head start, its all about changing the world for the better. what do you feel is wrong with this world, and how would you change it. this contest is about a designing posters and banners and well, anything you would use in a campaign/protest. and a detailed writing about how you would go about making these changes to the world.

now, to justify me giving out this premium membership, i need a load of people submitting. there will be one campaign per deviant, so spread the word. get people thinking and planning. i want to see people making a change to the world this year. instead of wishing someone else would.

so what is it that angers you about this world, killing endangered animals, animal testing, war, famin, homelessness, third world poverty, guns, crime, unemployment, greedy fat cats whole rule the world behind the government's, poisons the government's allow in our foods or dictators who kill and pillage, and so much more. all these and more anger me beyond belief, and i wouldn't know the first thing about how to change it, but i know there are some out there who do know.

i will give you around a month to think on what you want to change in this world, then i will announce the contest and all the rules, when i hope to have at least 20 deviants involved (hopefully more), to spread the word. it will be a month long contest, as it will take a good while to figure out all the details of your campaign. while i put together a panel of judges.

so good luck to you all, and now here are some beauties of this world. let 2013 be the year of change and let our Earth's beauty shine through...

Magic Rainbow by Lilyas Please Stay by Thilu Terraforming by igreeny The Future by sebreg thistel winter by TomKilbane :thumb275558290: Kaleidoscope Heart by TanjaGotthardsen .:: Love the little things ::. by Whimsical-Dreams Happy Holidays to you all! by thrumyeye Tales by TwiggyTeeluck .:: Light in the darkness ::. by Whimsical-Dreams Imperfection by Vampirbiene November day by Vampirbiene :thumb337930516: :thumb335313840: Poppy... by Takir fallen leaves. by Blueberryblack I will be back by Morgan-Lou Golden by Nhadala Leopard by DryJack Autumn Princess by Lupinicious done fishing by TomKilbane Autumn heather by Vampirbiene Happy Birthday Inane by 1001G Reeds by tpphotography Flower Spread by tpphotography Under My Umbrella by Davils-Photography Don't go through life, grow through life by AkuZeku :thumb326709751: Natural Jewels by My-notion :thumb318805259: World Of Sleepers by MaaykeKlaver meditation by igreeny really small bug by TomKilbane From Dusk 'til Dawn II. by monsieur-le-gris raindrop by andi40 Sunny fields by Vampirbiene IN THE MOOD OF COLORS by ArwenArts Broken by ZanaSoul Falling down by ZanaSoul Just pink by Vampirbiene Fallen by ZanaSoul pollen by TomKilbane extension tube tryout by TomKilbane Hold Yourself Up to The Light by TeaPhotography Magical Evenings... by TeaPhotography The Magic of a Rare Snow Day by TeaPhotography Believe in New Beginnings by TeaPhotography :thumb283179212: sunken dreams II. by arbebuk Golden sunrise by DragonflyAndromeda beyond the mist by MadManTnT Beyond the Mist 2 by MadManTnT sun set by MadManTnT simplicity by MadManTnT magic 2 by MadManTnT warm winters day by SaphoPhotographics c o l o u r e d  s i l k by SaphoPhotographics w i l d  o n e s by SaphoPhotographics Last Days by signmeupscotty painting the sky III by LArchipel Bushels of Wishes by TeaPhotography Key to my Heart by PetalDreams Christmas Kitty by GramMoo This world seems tasty by woxys Look Up by MysteryProne Pure Angel by DemonMathiel What's That? by ADHD-art Wet Pussy by thrumyeye :thumb323939896: See my friend in the background thar? by luckydesigns [-peekaboo!-] by luckydesigns Jaguar Painting by photografever Brothers by weaverglenn basking in the sunlight by priwax Contemplation by MouseMakesMess Snow White Cat by birdofdecadence action kitten by vadalein World behind glass by Culpeo-Fox Rock'N'Roll, baby by gre3g :thumb175109125: :thumb31578752: Max by GIVEthemHORNS A new start.. by Myra-cz Ii by Myra-cz :thumb337524354: love by chicmuse You're The One.. by Khomenko :thumb321483060: gracefull period. by robinpika Wedding Bliss by mskrissi87 J + K Wedding by birdofdecadence Lonely in the forest by Letyi wedroses by Nocturny Cassandra and George, iii by jessp-photography :thumb266938546: Fairy Tale Love by aelthwyn The Awakening III by Thilu Behind the lens by Whimsical-Dreams Autumn feeling by ruuca Where was I by AlexandraSophie .:: Fireflies ::. by Whimsical-Dreams Spin me round by My-Mona-Lisa :thumb306368548: .:: Whisper of dreams ::. by Whimsical-Dreams sun by jeylina beneath the maple tree by jaysu Afternoons by TwiggyTeeluck Sentimental Autumn by necromorphina afterglow. by CarolineZenker Porcelain on fire by HaleyCage Spring Fairy by byebyeanna Tea by the Sea by TeaPhotography those old movies were true I by indiae The Smile by N0-Tolerance autumn drug.... by Ania9191

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Beautiful feature! Thank you so much for including my photo! :hug: