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Pokemon: Future Days

By SamC-Art
A short comic strip I made today, laughing at the idea of Pokemon getting seriously dark

Thanks for all the attention on this. For Pokemon fans avidly asking me to make more, I did this as satire and don't plan to continue. I'm definitely not enough of a fan to create a serious dark comic about it, I just like making overly-serious comics to laugh at. I'm glad people like it on whatever level though :)

If you like this, check out my weekly comic The Big D at Its a crime noir story about a detective with a penis for a head, I'm sure you'll be interested!
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H-h-e release P-P-Pikachu?
Then your a worthless trainer!
Megaer's avatar
Pikachu probably died
TwistedSongBird's avatar
I'm gonna cry now, thanks alot
ZoieSnyder's avatar
Poor Ash...

But it's good!! Wish you'd continue it ;v;
Thanatos-Zero's avatar
*reads inner monologe in David Hayter's voice*
davis78's avatar
to think is highly possible that pokemon could be used in war, for example , the leader Lt. Surge, who was actualy in war before being a gym leader
GekidoMamoru's avatar
This intreages meh
davis78's avatar he an old ash???, more like an old ash trained by LT. Surge during world war 0_o!!!!!!! jesus
ZDForrest's avatar
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Your photo says all
Gostei essa foi bem forte a eu gosto do visual sombrio gosto mais dos finais felizes :D (Big Grin) mais esse é um grande trabalho de arte mesmo sendo muito triste Waaaah! 

Aqui a tradução para o meu idioma:

Outra noite sem dormir, pensando nos tempos de ouro antes da Guerra. Sem nem mesmo perceber, eu estava sendo treinado para me tornar uma das mais perigosas Crianças Soldado de todos os tempos. Naquele tempo em que tudo o que importava eram algumas insígnias de ginásio. E depois das insígnias vieram as medalhas. O que dizíamos mesmo? "Temos de pegar todos" Essas são as mesmas palavras que eu dizia a meus homens no campo de batalha da Vitory Road. Ainda com o sangue do Brock nas minhas mãos. No tempo em que o Gary era apenas um garoto chato. Chato mais alegre. e um bom rival. Pobre Gary, ninguém merece aquilo. Nós éramos apenas crianças... +fav 
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that is  Satoshi ?
J-J-Knight's avatar
This was beautifully done. Fav.
ghallmakenfartress's avatar
And Pikachu. Poor, poor Pikachu. He suffered the worst fate of all...
Youngsterdaniel's avatar
Make you how f up the world is
Gigiluv11's avatar
BluJaeOkk's avatar
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Well that was a DARK take on the Pokemon world what happens to Gary 
oragamiknight's avatar
this is incredible :D XD
FightForTheFallen's avatar

so the war from gen one still going?!


...makes sense I guess, still no father for the protagonist *sigh*

impulsivelyliving's avatar
But- but Surge mentions a war in Gen 1.
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