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Hey all I am starting a new FA account called Jellyneko.

Check it out…
I am so nervous today, I hardly slept last night (and its not just my six month old son’s fault this time) Today I go and see my doctor about possible surgery on my right wrist to ease the pain of my carpal tunnel. What we once thought was tendinitis we now know is carpal tunnel and I am not responding well to typical treatment. So I am a candidate for surgery.

I am afraid. Afraid of the loss of feeling I have in my finger tips, afraid of my weakening grip, and afraid of losing the ability to draw. Surgery seems to be the best solution but what if it goes wrong? What if I lose my ability to draw for good? That would be absolutely the end for me, it is my happiness, my soul.

I am optimistic but at the same time dreading my appointment today.

Prayers please.
I am getting ready to have a baby and so many things are happening that I do not have time to keep up with DA. Those of you with commission requests will be put on hold for now. I hope to have time again soon. I will make posts as they come but that is all I can do for a while. Thanks guys