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September 13, 2012
The Capsule: Save the World by *samborek
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The Capsule: Save the World



EDIT: Because lot of people wanted to see the butterfly not some smear, here you go :P

And regular version without kinda capsule around it: [link]

Hi it's Me again with some sick & fresh project
and it'll be probably last ( I need some break from this crap) from my session of - this shit even don't look like website - project :P
Actually we can assume it could be developed in flash technologies - and this animal viewer in the middle could be much fun while using the site ;P

now I must test my skills in some other fresh stuff so keep watching ;)

So see You around guys , and be prepared.
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The overall design is superb. I love the total integration of intention, with delivery of the design. The colour palette you've created for this is so easy on the eye, but so vibrant and impacting too. The actual interface of the site seems to be natural and fluid to use (in keeping with contemporary standards, but also having the unique flare that you'd expect from a genre-specific site).

I love the (I assume) HTML5 slider / carousel you've made central on the page. I think the idea of it, as well as the visual integration works superbly well with the page's layout and purpose. You've clearly kept yourself aware of the necessity of making your message the primary focus.

I feel this has also been well displayed in the positioning and size of the 'Why Are We Here?' and "How Can You Help?" boxes.

I have put one design suggestion - possibly, you could try and alternate title design where-in 'The Capsule' comes out of the clouds, with some gradient and particle effect to give the illusion of 'bursting forth' from it.

I hope this helps. Keep up the superb work.

- JJ