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chapter 2: search party by Sambhur chapter 2: search party :iconsambhur:Sambhur 0 0 1206 by Sambhur 1206 :iconsambhur:Sambhur 29 2 060718 by Sambhur 060718 :iconsambhur:Sambhur 5 4
chapter 1: wildflower field
854 had often kept to themself. While it was true that they did occasionally wander away from their boundary and explore far-off lands in fits of emotion, whether it was anxiety, despair, or some other negativity that plagued them, these excursions were a rarity. Sometimes it was curiosity that drove them, but this did not take them very far, and so they often returned home quickly, regardless of if the curiosity was satisfied or merely died out. So, it goes without saying that 854 wouldn’t have heard of the fantastical gathering taking place in the Great Plains if 1022 hadn’t told them.
1022, unlike the esk that had transformed them, would very often leave their shared boundary with great motivation – however they were usually up to no good, and said motivation was often turned into mischief. Regardless of what their intention had been the last time they went out of the box canyon, 1022 one way or another had crossed paths with some other esk who were preparing to em
:iconsambhur:Sambhur 0 0
chapter 1: vetru's introduction by Sambhur chapter 1: vetru's introduction :iconsambhur:Sambhur 21 4 1181 by Sambhur 1181 :iconsambhur:Sambhur 142 2 1076 by Sambhur 1076 :iconsambhur:Sambhur 10 2 1187 by Sambhur 1187 :iconsambhur:Sambhur 15 3 bactrian by Sambhur bactrian :iconsambhur:Sambhur 24 5
Frozen Still
An ocean of land,
White and endless.
They thought the dryness would be familiar,
And continue a sense of home
When they journeyed so far away. 
But this is not the drought they know.
The cold is unlike anything experienced.
It penetrates through their loose form
But physically it is not felt.
Their mind, however
Has been frozen.
They do not move forward from their place.
The whiteness fogs their vision
And clouds their mind.
The scene before them is barren.
Weakened by distance,
So is their body.
An empty shell that barely exists.
Unsettled by sedentary life,
A new motivation had moved them.
They had become unstoppable,
But the reason why was unclear.
Whatever fuelled their desire to move
Had suddenly run out.
A large silhouette made itself known.
Hardly visible – white against white.
Soon, the robust figure approached
Their ethereal glow becoming prominent,
Distinguishing form from snow.  
A circle framed their expressionless face.
:iconsambhur:Sambhur 2 0
Baz (gouache) by Sambhur Baz (gouache) :iconsambhur:Sambhur 40 9 Blackwater by Sambhur Blackwater :iconsambhur:Sambhur 7 2 Sun Conure Portrait (acrylic) (print available) by Sambhur Sun Conure Portrait (acrylic) (print available) :iconsambhur:Sambhur 23 10 phoenix (print available) by Sambhur phoenix (print available) :iconsambhur:Sambhur 9 7 020618 by Sambhur 020618 :iconsambhur:Sambhur 3 0 1022 origin prompt #1 by Sambhur 1022 origin prompt #1 :iconsambhur:Sambhur 22 4
pay a minimum of $5 USD and i'll paint a headshot of your esk! 

here are my gouache examples:
bactrian by Sambhur Baz (gouache) by Sambhur

and esk examples:
150518 by Sambhur 090518 by Sambhur 539 [commission] by Sambhur 831 [commission] by Sambhur 644 [commission] by Sambhur 607 [commission] by Sambhur 220418 by Sambhur 300418 by Sambhur

comment below if you're interested! make sure to link your esk's tracker/reference in the same comment. i try my best to include accessories/enchantments/elementals/familiars, but that's not always possible. i accept payment before starting my work. i cannot ship originals at this time, sorry! paypal only. 
how do people come up with fursonas/sonas? like i really want to have one again, especially one that's not just an animal i picked because i like it. i really want to get creative with it / make something up, and i love how some people take aspects of their personality or whatever and use design features to symbolise those aspects but like...

i'm just absolutely struggling lmao fml 



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