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Anime Is Art by sambees Anime Is Art by sambees
It was inevitable, here's the stamp, feel free to put it in your journal, shoutbox or wherever on DA you happen to put stamps. It would be apreciated if it would link back so others can find it.

So anyways, myself, along with what turned out to be hundreds of other angry anime artists are really... not pleased with how DA has been treating anime artists. I supose we've come a long ways from anime art being banned from the front page, but myself, along with many others, are tired of being told that our art is not art, it's just anime. The picture from this stamp for instance, is a fantacy drawing done in Anime style. But if we put it into the 'anime' catagory, it can't be fantacy, or macaber and horrer, or conceptual or have any meaning what so ever. It must go into 'drawings' its just a drawing. Even the DRAWINGs section of the REGULAR galleries have subcatagories. You wouldn't expect a photographer to put everything in 'photography' it has subject matter. It's dark, or conceptual or romantic or spontaniouse and all that jazz, and gets to have these catagories. THAT is why anime artists are so pissed with this new system and THAT is why none of the seriouse anime artists are putting their art in the anime section.

Anime is a style, NOT a subject.

Picture in the stamp used with permission by the ever talented ~Blitzballbaby and the origonal image can be found here: [link]

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November 13, 2006
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