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Wow, super whimsical. Love the style!
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Hah! This is great. It triggers my holiday spirit just by looking at it. I like the pose of this creature and the detail in every inch of his/her body. The design is grand, I find that an environment, somewhat like an abandoned, remodeled barn would suit him/her perfectly, with a warm fireplace to lay before. 
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Owchie I hope that hot wax doesn't burn too much.

But anyway I love this. You have quite a captivating style...
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Nce! I really like the facial expression and posing. It's full of character!
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Lovely work! Great pose! :D
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Great design! And a perfect sense of weight and depth!
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What a fantastic style! Love the design and the expression~
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This one beams me away! ÖvÖ Her lazy pose, the colors, the character design itself..... Undertale heart icon 

I´m sooo in love with your art...*sigh* Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] 
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Aaah gorgeous...!
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This is beautiful omg ////// I love the way the fur on the butt kind of rests along with the fluffy tail?

The texture and the candles give it a lovely touch.
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omg senpai noticed me /////
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Cute forest faun, nice work
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Darn! Not an All-Taur...
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Very, very, very nice! :)
Did I mention that it is "very, very, very nice"?
If I did not I'll say it again: This is very, very, very nice! ;)
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lol! thank you
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Is this made digitally or is hand made?

Either way is really captivating, i will keep an eye out for your works!
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