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Published: May 14, 2017

*EDIT: LOADS of new stuff! Been a while since I updated this xD New stuff is marked with New 
Patreon will now be back to getting additional videos, walkthroughs, and resources each month! Check out my page for details! New 

Hey guys! So on quite the regular basis, I have people, watchers or random strangers, come to me asking for advice on their art. No big deal, I do present myself as a teacher of sorts (though bear in mind, I'm still learning too!), but unfortunately, I just don't have the time to go through each one and dive deep into how each of those individuals can improve or be able to set up a learning process for them.

Since the majority of the time, the questions are very similar, if not exactly the same, I'm setting up this journal for future people to reference (and to save myself the time typing up the same thing over and over, haha). I'm always making tutorial and advice posts, so keep an eye on this list!

This covers general questions like: Where do I start? How do I improve? How do I draw x? etc.


If you're a fan of what I do and love my content, consider donating here on Patreon or Kofi to help me keep producing more stuff! I don't currently make a sustainable income with my art, which makes it difficult to continuously deal with expenses like art supplies, internet, food, and other bills which hinder my ability to grow and expand in ways that I want as an artist. Any support REALLY helps me out!
Can't financially support me? Check out this video for ideas on how to help for FREE! Thank you! :love:


-How to approach my tutorials
Goes over my Photoshop sparkle brush tutorial specifically, but does give important general advice about taking in my tutorials.

-5 Mistakes Series (If nothing else, just watch these videos.) 
Covers any medium, any style, all kinds of art. I also have one tailored specifically at digital artists AND Copic/alcoholic marker artists. 

-Fundamentals Series
Understand the basics of line, shape, value, form, space, color, and texture. Learn to break down complicated things into much simpler and easier to draw things. Basically learn the foundations of what all art is built on.

-Composition and Value (Mini Tutorial)
Talks about the concepts behind designing composition, what it does for viewers, and also covers the importance of checking your values and setting up strong contrast with a piece.

.:Bullet:. Patreon Tips on increasing your measurement/accuracy skills. (This particular video also contains a tutorial on these lips.)

-Creative Commons and Public Domain
Something all artists of every level should know about.
Where I get my art references 

-The Benefits and Reasons to Trace 
How to trace to improve your art,
and corresponding blog post. Is tracing legal? New 

-Shading with Hue, Saturation, and Brightness
Works in any medium.

-How to Start and Finish Sketchbooks
Applies to any medium or method of sketchbook keeping. Blog post for readers.

-How to Erase Without Tearing/Crumpling Your Paper 

-5 Ways to Support Artists New 
Marketing tips for fans.

-Inverted Colors New 
How to create artworks with inverted colors, minor color theory explanations.

-.:Bullet:. Patreon How to Improve Fast New 
Discussion on my methods with examples.

-.:Bullet:. Patreon My Comic Making Process New 
.:Bullet:. Patreon Additional time lapse video explanation.


-Ways to Get Inspired and Overcome Art Block
Here is the blog post for those who prefer to read.

-Being Afraid to Draw (tackling artistic fears) 
Here is the blog post for those who prefer to read.

-Fear of Going Dark With Your Art 
For those of you who struggle to get stronger values with your pieces.

-Health Tips for Hands/Wrists/Etc When Drawing 

-What Artists Don't Talk About New
Reflecting on the impact of overwork, "industry standard", egregious challenges, etc.

-Do I Hate My Art? New 
Discussion on the toxicity of self hatred and the community.


-Blending in Photoshop
Super quick and easy trick I still use to this day. Image step by step for those who'd prefer to read.

-Blending Prismacolor Pencils
Very easy trick that'll save you from burnishing and ruining your artwork.

-Walkthrough of Nightwing
A slower time lapse video where I exclusively talk about my drawing process for this art piece. It's in Photoshop, so it's more tailored for digital artists.

-Photoshop Tutorials 
Mostly tailored towards PS specifically, but some other programs may have similar tools.
-Includes: colorizing greyscale, easy/quick sparkle effect, adjusting scanned drawings, metal, blending, lineart with a mouse, and more.

-Copic Marker Tutorials
Quite a few of the concepts and things I cover can /easily/ be applied to any medium, so don't feel that these are 100% restricted to alcoholic markers.
-Includes: fire, metal, skin, lighting angles, how to use alcohol, tips/tricks, and more.
-.:Bullet:. Patreon 30 minute video tutorial covering landscapes and limited colors 

-Spray Paint Basics
Super beginner friendly, very approachable. The focus is 'space' but you could definitely expand upon what this tutorial covers.
-.:Bullet:. Patreon List of additional tips and advice covering this medium.

-Plein Air 
List of tips and advice covering the basics of plein air and what you'll need to start.

-Washi Tape 
.:Bullet:. Patreon Complete breakdown of how I've made my Washi Tape art pieces.

-.:Bullet:. Patreon Watercolor Painting Walkthrough New 
31 minutes of various tips, advice, etc., on how I painted this artwork, and how to paint in general.


 -Shading the face with different lighting angles (concepts apply to any medium)
-.:Bullet:. Patreon 25 minute video tutorial covering the basics of drawing a face in profile. 
-Tips on graphite portraiture for realism 
-Portrait walkthrough from start to finish of Splash [Tutorial] and corresponding blog post 
-Portrait walkthrough from start to finish of Light (Drawing).
-Portrait walkthrough from start to finish of The Unknown (Drawing)
-.:Bullet:. Patreon 25 minute video walkthrough from start to finish of Picard (Drawing)New 

-Figure Drawing Tutorial
For those of you who want to improve at anatomy and drawing people. Talks about what figure drawing is, why it's worthwhile, and the general basics of drawing the human figure (though can apply to animals as well).

-How to get better at hands (and honestly anything else)
-.:Bullet:. Patreon Walkthrough of this hand. (Digital realism)
-.:Bullet:. Patreon Walkthrough of this hand. (Copics realism)

-How to break "same face syndrome" or make your characters look unique
Unique face shapes (how to break "same face syndrome") and supplemental mini tutorial on likeness

-Eye Tutorials:
-Painting digitally. (Final image) I used Photoshop but other digital programs can work just fine.
-.:Bullet:. Patreon Sketching process (from above video) Also includes time lapse recording of Flower Boy.

-Lip/Mouths Tutorials:
-Video recording with voice over and walkthrough of Lips [Study].
-Walkthrough of digitally painting of this drawing
-.:Bullet:. Patreon Video recording with voice over of Lips [Study] 2. (Alt: walkthrough version

-.:Bullet:. Patreon 30 minute video tutorial covering the basics of facial expression.

-Chibi/anime styled hair or image step walkthrough here: Tutorial: Chibi/Anime Hair
-Semi-realistic/stylized hair mini tutorial from this piece: Fuu
-.:Bullet:. Patreon One with Copic markers from this piece: G: Kurai
-.:Bullet:. Patreon Semi-realistic curly hair from this piece: Flower Kisses (Drawing)

-Clothing Folds:
.:Bullet:. Patreon Several posts with tips on how to approach fabric/clothing folds.


While they're aimed at specific mediums, some concepts can be applied to other mediums.
-Painting a galaxy from this piece: To the Sky 
-Painting grass from this piece: Magical Forest 
-Painting a snow scene from this piece: In Winter 


Not really tutorials, but if ya'll wanna know my opinion on certain tools or supplies, you might find this helpful.

-Sakura Gelly Roll vs Uniball Signo (White Gel Pens)

-Studio Series Alcoholic Markers (Copic Marker Alt)

-Chalkola Chalk Markers

-.:Bullet:. Patreon YUPO Paper and Follow Up

-.:Bullet:. Patreon Krylon Workable Fixatif

-Canson Marker Paper and corresponding blog post 

-Arteza Sketchbooks and Colored Pencils and corresponding blog post 

-Artist's Loft Colored Pencils 

-Spectrum Noir Alcohol Based Markers New 

-Crayola Blending Markers New 

-Artist's Loft Watercolor Pencils New 


Bullet; RedTo see every video tutorial I've made, you can find the playlist here. Feel free to browse and pick and choose whichever applies to your needs. (If you don't find what you want, feel free to suggest it to me.)

Bullet; OrangeI also have an entire playlist  on me critiquing other peoples' artworks as well as a redline folder here on Deviantart. You can see what things I point out and it might help you apply that to your own artworks.

Bullet; YellowAs an aside, I also have two articles written about marketing and freelancing/commissioning for artists.

Star! If all this isn't enough for you, I have more on my website! I cover realistic portraits, sketching processes, etc. It will eventually include various tips with specific tools like watercolor, Copics, Photoshop, and more! Definitely check it out if you haven't already.

And of course, one last bit of advice: ART TAKES TIME. There is no quick way to mastery. There are no magic tricks. There is no secret. No matter how much I could teach you, NOTHING will change unless you put in the hard work. As the saying goes, it takes 10,000 hours to master something. So instead of fighting it, hating the process, just enjoy this time and have fun with it.

If you're feeling down and need some inspiration, I recommend checking out my improvement meme (for those who want a quick overview) or my sketchbook playlist New  (for those who want to see the whole story). I started out drawing crooked stick figures like everyone else. You'll get there. :) (Smile)

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Help me!!! How do you put the video Youtube?Luffy Anime Emoji (Cry) [V4] Please!
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I'm not sure I follow. Do you mean posting YT videos on your profile? If so, that's answered here: FAQ :D
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Deadpool - OK Thank You Fella (messages) Meow-thank You 
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Aw thanks! :D (Big Grin) Share them with your friends too, they might like them as well High-five! Hope you find them helpful!
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Woah! So helpful! I'll tag my friend!
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Many chances to learn. Thank You.
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That's one hell of a list. I wish all educators had your enthusiasm for imparting knowledge... :clap:
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Aw thanks x'D I do what I can, haha.
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I've just subscribed to your mailing list, hoping to learn a lot :)
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Thank you! this was very helpful ^W^
another question on a similar topic, but how do you do thinks like commisions, prints and so on? I never really quite understood those, and i really wanted to try those. (I really need money XD)
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Commissions is on here already, and for conventions, I recommend the FB group Artist Alley Network International.
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Ah thank you! ^w^
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This will be super duper helpful!!! ^^ Thank you for taking the time to write this all out!
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This is going to be SUPPPPEEERR helpful! I’ll go check some out!
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Nice I'll definitely need to watch that for the art style for each of the characters of my series spirits of unity omega 
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