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5 MORE Mistakes Beginner Artists Make [VID]
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Published: May 11, 2017
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**NOTE: The concepts in this tutorial can apply to any medium of any style.

Prerequisite tutorial: 5 Mistakes Beginner Artists Make [VIDEO]

It can be pretty easy to get lost in the world of creating art. There are a lot of things to figure out and learn, but also a lot of areas to make mistakes! In this video, I talk about 5 MORE mistakes that I see beginner artists making.

Hopefully my advice can help you guys become better artists!

If you found this, or any other tutorial, helpful, please spread the word and share them with your friends x3 That really helps me out and I'd super appreciate it! :hug:

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Hi there! Watched your videos about the mistakes beginner artists make. I made them all and stil do when I'm feeling lazy. Another one was starting from a piece of the picture, like the eyes on a portrait, or the head on a full body sketch, and then try do build the rest of the picture from that detail. In my humble opinion, one should always try to think the picture globally. As an exemple, I currently don't think of the background in my pictures, so when I try to add one, it usually seems off. So ultimately, it's a mistake I still need to work on. Thanks again for sharing.
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Hey! Thanks for watching my video x3 I hope you enjoyed it :) I definitely agree and have struggled with that in the past. Best of luck with your art journey!
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yoyonasaHobbyist Artist
Interesting, thx for sharing the tips
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liovalStudent General Artist
This is SO helpful! Thanks! :)
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Arthie-FolhreinStudent Traditional Artist
Thank you for sharing C:
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Fantastic! Feel free to check out the whole series too, if you haven't already: :)
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Arthie-FolhreinStudent Traditional Artist
i'll surely do, thanks XD
SETBLKYOEMProfessional General Artist
Thank you for sharing.

I think we've all been guilty at each one of these at one point or another in life; sometimes our fault, sometimes not. The way unjust, unequal and unhealthily societies condition us and keep us biased and uneducated of true history and things veritably going on in the world doesn't help any, so it is up to us to take responsibility for ourselves and our works, no matter what they be. Though, not all all of us are privileged to grow up in a place where basic amenities are provided for, so true progression of our true calling is a lot of times not possible. Sadly survival comes first, which takes away from time and energy that could otherwise be devoted to craft. And let's be honest, until an artist has reached a level worthy to be professional and is able to effectively market one's work, one can't really get paid well enough to live on. Traveling and resources are also difficult if not impossible for some, too many. And it certainly does take a lot of practice to reach any point, which not all of us are able to do.

But thank you very much for sharing your available knowledge. Your videos are educational and point aspiring artists in the right direction. It is usually the simple things that people most neglect in life--those end up being the most important. So thanks again for sharing.
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It's not always easy or fair, but we do what we can with what we have. Happy to help :)
SETBLKYOEMProfessional General Artist
:) (Smile) 
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TaintedTruffleHobbyist General Artist
I watch all the videos you link on da but I never comment 'cause I dont have a you tube account :p
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I hope you enjoy them! And no worries on not commenting :hug:
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KelliesArtzHobbyist Traditional Artist
Helpful. #subscribed Thanks. :D 
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BrendanWrightingHobbyist General Artist
Oops!  Simple yet things we can so easily overlook when we feel we "know" enough...
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There's always more to learn :D
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BrendanWrightingHobbyist General Artist
Exactly! I'm just looking forward to future me looking back at my old work and thinking "wow, I improved so much" ;p
sambeawesome's avatar
That's the best part! :D
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Good advice, I enjoyed your video. :) (Smile) 
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HarpytheNightwingHobbyist General Artist
great advice!
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