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Zecora Silhouette Wall

Tried to write a description in rhyme,
Took too long - was wasting time.
So here's Zecora!

On tumblr

Other sizes:

Edit: Here's another set with a more grey background, if the first version looks too purple :)

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I very like Zecora. Nice art Clap 
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I heart Zecora SO MUCH!
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That description xD
ggpestilence's avatar
Hey man, amazing art ! You got some tips for me to get started on this type of art ?
Octodog8's avatar
If you take requests, you should do Lyra next!
cat-in-the-web's avatar
i really really love your silhoutte works ^o^
blazah99's avatar
not bad, its a nice splash of artistic feel to it on the right. =)
AeliosZero's avatar
As much as I would love to make something like this it would take ages, i must applaud you for your dedication in making something like this!
Also DAYM how many sizes and aspect ratios do you have there!??
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hm, do you take requests?

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I find that I have plenty of time to waste,
as this day slowly ticks by without any haste.

So a comment I'll leave on your latest art piece,
to say that I'm pleased your work has yet to cease.

Zecora isn't my favorite mare in the show,
but her colors are interesting and the patterns do flow.
Her style is unique and her absence would be amiss,
if you were to conclude the series without a wall such as this.

Nice work I say, 
and personally prefer gray.
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Just wanted to let you know the 1920x1080 alternate art link takes you to the 1920x1200 piece.  It's easy to just change the url to get to the proper size but I thought you might like to know.

That said, amazing job on Zecora and I really appreciate that you took the time to make an alternate color piece.  Many wouldn't bother and it shows that you care.
SambaNeko's avatar
D'oh.  Updated the link to correct it, thanks! :)

I was honestly kind of surprised at the findings: sampled several screenshots and found variance in her body color, without a predictable pattern (like special lighting or environment) to explain it.
WhiteOni's avatar
Still going strong I see. This pleases me as I always look
forward to additions for this wallpaper series. :D (Big Grin)
Pyrophobic's avatar
Awesome! Love how you've worked in the parasprites, poison joke and the larger cutie mark logo. Really nicely done, and a great choice of colours to boot. Not to mention, wonderful to see Zecora get some wallpaper love so soon after the mane 6. I absolutely adore these wallpapers, thank you so much for continuing with the series!
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OMG, the most awesome and almost always overlooked zebra! i love every wall art you make and personally have them on a daily rotation as my desktop background ^_^

one question though, why is it purplish grey instead of grey? i am assuming you used this color guide:… and the body color would be (218, 209, 220) but after personally sampling the color of the body from the Epsiodes Zecora is always a more netral grey, about (218, 213, 218). honestly i have no idea why that one guide has the color off that much but i would love to see the proper color, if you can.
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I had actually sampled her body color from this screenshot:…

I tried sampling a few more episode screens, and I'm finding inconsistency; the amount of magenta in her grey appears to vary by episode.  Hmmm.  Well, I can add a "less magenta" version when I get back to my computer. :)
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thanks, it just looks a little odd the way it is now.
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Added grey version links in the description. :)
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Heck yes you did a zecora!
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