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Vinyl Scratch Silhouette Wall

Vinyl Scratch? Of course Vinyl Scratch!

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Here is a large PNG with transparency; please mind the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License terms (no commercial usage; no derivative works; personal usage is okay; sharing with credit is okay).

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Nice blend of colors.
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Would it be okay if I use this for art on my arcade stick? 
SambaNeko's avatar
Yup, go for it! :)
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Dude, seriously. If you can make a picture like that and sell... YOU WOULD BE RICH! WHO DOES NOT PAY MILLIONS IN THESE WORKS OF ART?!
HelgaButtercup's avatar
I might use it as a tattoo.
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I would very much like to use this for the background of my EDM Mix video :D Please may I?
SambaNeko's avatar
Sure! Please include credit and a link back :)
ElementalLife01's avatar
Cool TY :D Once its all done i'll send you a link for you to check it out
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Amazing! :heart:
Really love the background, and Vinyl. :heart:
Mind if I use this for a custom Dance Dance Revolution dancepad?
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Go for it! Thanks for asking :)
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Very cool! I'mma put this as my background soon...!
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is it cool if i use this design for a custom skateboard deck?
SambaNeko's avatar
Yup, go for it!  Thanks for asking :)
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when i get my computer 
this will definently be my wall paper!!
SambaNeko's avatar
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I have this as a poster in my room!
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Truly splasheriffic!
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Love this! I found it from thissong and I never thought I'd find the source. And you've got one of everypony!
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