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Trixie Silhouette Wall

TG&PT!  Boast Busters was alright, but Magic Duel was one of my favorite episodes in season 3.  I also like Inconvenient Trixie.

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An excellent wallpaper once again! One little thing I would like to simply suggest, though: I see you made sure her left front hoof was visible by giving it an outline. While it does what it was supposed to, the outline also kinda disconnects it slightly. It might blend together with the rest of the image a bit better if the outline was the color of her in-show border. Or maybe it would blend too much, I don't know. Just a thought.
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Thanks for the feedback!  The bit of outline is meant to be like a "cut out" from the solid silhouette shape, exposing whatever color's underneath.  I tried making it a solid blue color, but then I feel it looks more like a filled-in shaped because there's no other blue in the area which would show up behind her.  I also tried this version with a gradient, which I think is more agreeable to me...
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I agree with your agreement. Can't wait to see what else you may or may not have in store for us all with these silhouette wallpapers. :)
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Awesome! I just replaced my Derpy wallpaper with this one. :) Your designs are always amazing – you always capture the characters so well with just a pose and a bunch of colors. :D
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Now this is a nice silloet. 
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And now the trixie fans rejoice.
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that's a great and powerful Trixie wallpaper. good job
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trixy without "THE GREAT AND POWERFUL" plastered behind her? interesting.... can not say i have seen anything like this before :P anyway great work as always!

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That line for her leg is too contrasting to the body. Maybe a shading in a lighter tone instead? 
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I don't feel too strongly about it either way, but it's consistent with her others, like Rainbow Dash.
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Ah, in that case there should be a starker gradient. I think the problem is the bottom of the hoof is too dark compared to the purple closest to it to the bottom left. Looking at the Rainbow Dash one it works because the line seems to match up with the background, going from blue to red, but the one on Trixie feels too monotone that it stands out. 
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Yeah that's what I thought.
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oh yes 
so good 
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>u< I looooove these  I have them all and I switch every week~♥
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I love these silhouette wallpapers so much...:la: 
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