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Tree of Harmony

By SambaNeko
Probably my favorite part of the season 4 premiere.  I'm so inefficient at raster painting, and I have so much to learn and improve on.

Photoshop CC + Cintiq
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It's pretty awesome, but honestly Celestia's face looks a little doofy I think.
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Yes...  My original intent was a more character-focused piece, but it evolved into location/atmosphere instead.  I might do another that brings more attention and detail back on the princesses.
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The atmosphere's great, don't get me wrong. The tree's great and I like the cave. I just think C's got a bit of a "O_O" face going on.
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Although I am most accustomed to the abstract style of your previous work, I am totally loving this piece and every facet of detail! You have replicated this particular scene with much care and it really shows in your work as well as is exemplified through your amazing style! I love the character design here because it adds a great amount of scale to this piece and establishes the base for the rest of the image! What really allured me is the way that you crafted the tree itself! There are so many facets and edges which the light and shadows can bounce off of and you crafted it in the most stunning way! I also love the way that you chose to illuminate the colors while still making them retain subtlety as to not take away from the overall piece! The soft textures and colors are very nice and I love the depth here! This is yet another fantastic piece that is added to your exquisite gallery and I cannot wait to see more! Great work as always! Kind regards, Princess Luna
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Great work with the crystalline effect, really makes it look "right." Also the lighting is spot on, love the muted blues and purples and stuff.
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Great Work!
I love the tones and the way you made the tree. It has a nice crystal effect. :D
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