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Sweetie Belle Silhouette Wall

Sweetie is currently my favorite CMC.  We can assume her eventual cutie mark will be music related, right?

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 Questa silhouette di Sweetie Belle è magnifica, hai fatto un lavoro straordinario! omfg  Complimenti!
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Very cute, are you going to do Babs Seed next?
StreaksPsyche's avatar
Awesome wallpaper.

Its not as simple as it looks.

May I use for my fic?
Aiko-Gigitsune's avatar
Big Mac next PLEASE!
Metagenki's avatar
Omg, I love you.
AffinityShy's avatar
Eeyup. Her Cutie Mark will very, very, VERY likely be music related. :iconsweetiebelleyayplz: Gosh I love how you incorporate ponies' personalities and color palettes into these silhouette pieces. Wonderful work once again! I can't (though I have to) wait for more!
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YESSS! sweetie belle!!
Roo-Gryphon's avatar
SCOOT SCOOTALOOO! next please ^-^
SambaNeko's avatar
I think that can be arranged. :)
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I just love these :D Are you planning to do all the ponies? (Ar at least Soarin? :3)
SambaNeko's avatar
I keep a list of all the characters that have been requested, and will attempt to do those at least; Soarin's on the list. :)
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Awesome! :D Keep up the good work :3
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YAYAYAYA :iconexplodelaplz: xD why does everyone say SB is best crusader? She's really cute and funny but I like Scoots best cuz feels ;0;
SarahForde's avatar
TheAmoryWarsSoldier9's avatar
Of course she's your favorite. Sweetie Belle is best crusader. :P
KeybladeKnight99's avatar
Yeah Sweetie Bell! That's my new iphone wallpaper! Ever considering making a Sweetie Bot wallpaper? XD
SambaNeko's avatar
I might do some popular fandom OCs eventually (if their owners have no objection), but for now I'm sticking to canon characters. :)
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This is truly amazing!! :wow: Good job!
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