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Sunset Shimmer Silhouette Wall

Working with all those bright colors in early January was making me long for summer time.  Decided to go protagonist Shimmer rather than her villainous side; I liked seeing her redeemed in Rainbow Rocks.

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finnaly!! Sunset Shimmer! she's my fav all of the time!!
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SUnset Shimmer is one of my all time favorite characters. I actually have this work of art on my wall in a frame. I just love this one so much.

First off her silhouette looks gorgeous, I really love her cutie mark and her guitar imposed over it. And I love all the fiery elements too. This one is one of my favorites by you and you've done some incredible work. Absolutely beautiful
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Hey there! Your pony silhouette wall art series is amazing - so amazing that I simply had to try and recreate it while pimping up the visuals of a car in the Need for Speed game. Feel free to check out the results here, and thank you for creating such awesomeness! Heart
very awesome!!!!!!!!
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Can you make this into a Chrome Theme?
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Pretty, and added to my Wallpapers folder. I've got a bunch of your silhouettes rotating for my desktop. I've come to really love Sunset since Rainbow Rocks. Funny considering I didn't think much of her post-Equestria Girls. It took the second movie to change that, and "My Past is Not Today" to firmly cement her as one of my favorites. Can't wait for Friendship Games!
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Thanks!  Yeah, Rainbow Rocks kinda won me over for Sunset - I liked her transition from a sort of one-note antagonist to a more nuanced character.  And how she's basically taken the Twilight role for EQG's mane6... so it'll be interesting to see what happens in Friendship Games :)
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sunset's transformation is just so inspirational to me. she's one of my faves. can i have this in 1024 x 768 please?
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Omg I love all your art! Especially the pony silhouettes :) Hoping to see more like Granny Smith, Flim & Flam, etc.
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thats wonderful! :D 
how do you make your arts look so awesome? are you a wizard? is that a magic???????
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It's so gorgeous! :D 
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Ever think of doing OC commissions of these?
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I love this series
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The entire series of wallpapers is absolutely beautiful!
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Yesssss, thank you!!!!! <3
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Wow, this looks sooo cool I really like this style
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Beautiful! Definitely gonna use this. Great job!
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Fantastic, Dazzlings next? Love 
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