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Starlight Glimmer Silhouette Wall

By SambaNeko
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I thought Starlight was a nice change of pace for a villain - not a "big bad" with a big plan, but a spiteful individual dealing with personal loss in the wrong way. She's a more... "human" antagonist than the usual season-enders.

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MrRexyy846Hobbyist Digital Artist
there's no version of reformed Starlight? 
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SambaNekoHobbyist Digital Artist
I've got a couple of characters that need revisiting (been meaning to do a unicorn (non-princess) Twilight for ages), but I gravitate toward doing new ones ^^;  Eventually there should be a reformed Starlight tho :)
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MrRexyy846Hobbyist Digital Artist
understable, I can't wait for new ones!
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Will you do one of Starlight with her new mane-style? I love her as a character (her and Sunset)
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xXPastel-BunniesXx Digital Artist
So pretty! *w*
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LilypoommStudent Digital Artist
can i use it for my thumbnail video ?
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I was not a fan of her.
I prefer the big villains by far.
She was kind of a letdown.

Hard to see how she could stand up to the six power ponies of friendship all by herself.

However, the conclusion of adding her to the group because of her competence seemed quite right.

And this artwork is astonishing in any case.
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PikaTrap00Hobbyist Artist
Do this but with starloghts new mane
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idrawsponyHobbyist General Artist
Absolutely gorgeous, brilliant and lovely!
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very nice!
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EnchantingUnixFairyHobbyist Digital Artist
The fucking Staff of Sameness.
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AnimalAnimeFan Traditional Artist
So awesome!! <3 do you have plans to do a Rara one? 
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RainbowShine12Hobbyist Digital Artist
I need a Wallpaper Of Colgate.can you do it?
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DestinyDisneyQueenHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Amazing I love all of your work!! I was wondering if you could do a Double Diamond one??? Just an idea! Anywho fantastic work as always! <3 
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BlossomBlueMLPStudent Traditional Artist
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As wonderful as usual!
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MLPAristiscCSketchHobbyist Digital Artist
Incredible =D
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DragonMaster137Hobbyist Digital Artist
So beautiful!
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TooClichedStudent Writer
Yay, a wallpaper for Starlight!
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