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Spitfire Silhouette Wall

It was fun seeing a bit more of Spitfire in Wonderbolt Academy, and finally - a cutie mark! Sketched a lot of potential poses for this one, one of which might end up as Rainbow Dash instead (yes, there will be mane six eventually).

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Here is a large PNG with transparency; please mind the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License terms (no commercial usage; no derivative works; personal usage is okay; sharing with credit is okay).

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I saw this as a mouse pad on amazon for $25. I hope its your store o.o.
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Nope! I don't sell 'em on stuff, and I know there are some being sold on Amazon without permission :/

Amazon won't do anything about it; some sellers will stop if you ask them to, but most will just ignore you. Usually the best thing to do is leave a review saying that the art is used without permission, so other potential buyers can at least be informed.
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Thanks for your POV on it.
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Wow nice job!!! :) :D
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It looks very nice the art style and the colors look vibrant and it makes spit fire look good too.
My favourite wallpaper
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I love your wallpapers *-*
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Can I use this for a song on YouTube? I will credit you, if you want ;)
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Sure! A link back would be cool; thanks! :)
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These Wallpapers are really fantastic and they just pop!
could you upload a big version of this one with transperancy please? cause id really like it on a t shirt.
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Just uploaded a transparent version; it's in the description. :)
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These wallpapers are really nice :D
Do you have one of Doctor whooves? :D
SambaNeko's avatar
Thanks! :) No Doctor yet, but I can add him to the "To Do" list.
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You're welcome:D
If you want please :D
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I love Spitfire's cutie mark. Hope to see more of her in season 4!
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Pikachu? WITH WINGS! And fire....
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if that wasnt clear, it means i love it
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