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Spike Silhouette Wall

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I think you should make a new Spike wallpaper only this time only add a few things to should show how much he's grown. Like the Crystal Heart,the Bloodstone Scepter and Peewee all grown up. His new friends Dragon Lord Ember,Thorax and Smolder. And last but not least, his new pair of wings of course. 
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Awwww!!!! Spike is sooooooo cute!
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Can't wait for you to give each of the royal guards their own separate wallpaper!
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I'm sure that'll be right after I do all these back-up singer stallions from Best Night Ever. :D
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Woohoo!  Blue Moon wallpaper!  Finally!  (Man, the MLP CCG has taught me more than I really wanted to know about background ponies...)
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Oh yeah, I forgot about those guys! Man, what interesting individuals.
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If Spike was a pony, I would predict his cutie mark to be that letter with the green fire surrounding it! Spike is the BEST dragon of all times, he deserves WAY more attention than he gets! :(
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I'm quite sure the Fire Ruby would be his cutie mark, and "Secret of My Excess" would be the episode in which he earned it. Just one possibility, though.
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I thought that at first too, but it's not scientifically possible. You earn a cutie mark by figuring out what you're best at and I would say that Spike's best at writing letters & sending them since Twilight usually has him take down notes for her, it's most likely his special talent! I know how important that Red Ruby Sapphire is to Spike and Rarity as well, but a crystal cannot be a talent. So that's why I believe his cutie mark would be a letter & a quill with his fire breath surrounding it, I'm not trying to be rude! :)
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Best not use the word "scientific" when discussing these things.
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I was trying to sound like Twi in the episode where she said "It's not scientifically possible, you are not scientifically possible!" XD
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Sorry, I know I'm replying to my own comment! I also wanted to say how much I LOVE the fact that you added that Rare Red Ruby Sapphire Heart, the little phoenix he "supposedly" raised and Spike's quill in this silhouette as important memories throughout his life! :) :) :)
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This is fantastic :3
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So pretty! I love how well the colors all flow~ <3
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Never liked Spike but I do like this.
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