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Songbird Serenade Silhouette Wall

By SambaNeko
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Songbird played as minor of a role as I expected of her in the MLP Movie, but her design is cute, and I like Sia’s Rainbow.

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Emerald-OmenHobbyist Writer
Songbird Serenade is second best Music pone, second to Vinyl Scratch.  Well done.
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LostToTheMindHobbyist General Artist
That cutie mark. . .I can only have 1 thought. There are 6 hearts, each a different color, in that pattern. . . 
Gaster Facepalm 

I'm really sorry, but its all I can think when I see her CM. I love the Wallpaper. Great work as usual. 
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Are you going to do other movie characters as well? I'd love to see Princess Skystar and Captain Celaeno wallpapers!
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Kia-arraHobbyist General Artist
So rainbow!  I also love her design.  I was sad that she basically played no role in the new movie, she was just kinda there, the movie would have had the same plot and conclusion without her.  She needs to have her own movie!
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MLPAristiscCSketchHobbyist Digital Artist
Love it 😄❤
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So pretty! Gorgeous work on the mane coloring and design!
The vibrant and varied colours used must be my favorite part!
From one of your wallpapers to another thank you >v<
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Sugar-LoopHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad she had a minor role, instead of the bigger one I was expecting just because she was a big name.  I was afraid they'd try to force it (and they did a little, with her making eye contact with Twilight for no reason) but I think overall they had her in the perfect amount.  Great wallpaper!
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FunZoneGallery16Hobbyist General Artist
I never heard Sia's actual speaking voice until I saw a clip of her on-screen debut. It's actually really adorable!
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