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Kinda like the other side of "Harmony" - that was Twilight at the season premiere, this one's at the finale.

I don't care for the official Rainbow Power designs, but I think they can look good with a bit of artistic license and toning-it-down.  Spike's included because I needed someone to fill Twilight's color in the rainbow.

I tried to gain more experience with Illustrator's Gradient Mesh tool on Twilight.  This allows you to make complex color gradations - such as highlights and shadows - on an object to convey depth and shape more realistically than a linear or radial gradient can achieve.

1920x1080 white BG
1920x1080 black BG
(for additional wallpaper resolutions, ask!)

EDIT: changed her facial expression; original version is here, and wallpapers below.
1920x1080 white BG
1920x1080 black BG
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