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Rainbow Power: Twilight Sparkle and Rarity

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Sunset Shimmer Chuckle Starlight Glimmer (smile) plz 
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I love Rarity, but I don't like Twilight. 
Shi.... :D
But still, awesome job! ^w^ 
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omg! your the one that made this! this is amazing artwork!! i love it!
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Could you possibly make Rarity by herself?
I understand if you can't.
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I'll likely be adding individual Rainbow Power silhouettes soon :)
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Looks awesome!
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Is my wallpaper now !
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My two favorite ponies in one beautiful wallpaper! <3 Perfecto!
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It looks beautiful. Nice work.
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Such pretty wallpapers... Thanks for inspiring my new desktop theme!
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Gorgeous. I never get tired of seeing these paintings.
I'd love to see a speedpaint of you making a piece some time.

Btw, sure you've mentioned it a million times before, but which is your preferred art tool and brushes for these?

Anyhow, love the blend of colors in this one. Even if not the biggest fan of their designs on the actual show, you really bring out the best in them.

Seems most selfish of me to ask, but, would you be able to do anything with the color schemes of Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara? I think I could die happy seeing you make something with Silver and Pink. Really enjoyed the Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle ones.

God, you make me want to get a higher res IPS monitor just to view these. xD
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Thank you!! :)  I shall add DT and SS to my list.

All of the pony silhouette wallpapers are made in Adobe Illustrator - a vector art program, so no actual brushes involved; I sketch out the pony and the main shapes, then go over it with the pen tool.  Not sure if a "speedvector" video would work out well, but I've been meaning to make some sort of process/"tutorial" pic... eventually.  I think I keep getting distracted by making new wallpapers instead.
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wow. All of that is vectored aside from the ponies that get vectored afterward? Just looking at all your wallpapers it just seems like a lot of work. I'm curious to see such a wonderful tutorial! I have used many of your wallpapers with the Luna being the first, the one with black background. And the DJ-Pon3. It explains why everything looks so vibrant, yet, still hard to believe so many beautiful wallpapers weren't done with brushes or anything.

And wonderful, I look forward to seeing what amazing things you do with their colors. DO post back if you ever make that tutorial. Have a great day!
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I love this theme!
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These are beautiful!! I would love to see one with the four princesses. Would be so awesome! 
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always had a soft spot for unicorns, so pretty!
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Love it! (Although I'd kill for one with only Twilight) :D
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Rainbow Powered Corn... I thought I was the only one who ate that.
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Nice work on all three of these, they look awesome :D
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aagghgh so clean, so many layers, the cutiemarks as patterns <3 great job <3
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-dies of awesomeness-
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