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Rainbow Power Rarity Silhouette Wall

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i did a fanart of magonlia may by Skyheart8989
this person has taken your image and drawn all over it and not gave you an ounce of credit.
this person is stealing all kinds of art and claiming as their own.  please report them.
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Hmm, well it looks like their account has been deactivated at this point (and yet the deviation's still there...).
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you cant still report it and have it moved.
they don't let 3rd parties do that now.
so i tried to report it but it doesn't matter cause im not the original maker.
anyone can deactivate.
you have to stay away from DA and never log in for like 2 or 3 days before DA removes the account.
this person could come back any time. also for some reason even if you deactivate you can still browse around DA.
your just deactivated. like a ghost.
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I just bought the mousepad of this from amazon. I hope it was legit and they did not steal your art. 
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these are so pretty :D
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Oh wow!  Absolutely gorgeous.  Would you mind if I got this as a tattoo?
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Oh my, if you get an awesome tattoo artist that can add nice effects, this would be super awesome! :D
I hope the artist doesnt mind, would be awesome.
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These are all wonderful!
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Awesome!  Great job :)
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Oooh thank you I totally needed a new BG :D
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