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Rainbow Dash Silhouette Wall - Black Edition

Rainbow Dash episode? Post more Rainbow Dash!

Same as my original RD silhouette, but now in black. This was somewhat demanded by my husband :P

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I showed and recommended this piece as part of an intro for a little youtube video that probably nobody will ever watch (sigh). Keep up the amazing work, we love it!

Here's that video, if you're interested:…
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Your husband has good taste. Black wallpapers are best wallpapers. Thanks a lot for making this; it's my favorite pony wallpaper and I've been getting a lot of use out of it.
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Ooh this looks really cool! Now I sorta wanna see all the Mane Six in black... (You probably don't want to that badly, though ^^')
maximussolini's avatar
That would look good on a t-shirt 8/
Danger-Dashz's avatar
Awesome wallpaper is so good :D
TylerFreeFlight's avatar
you are an awesome idea mill. love the work you do and you page rocks.
The-Bagel-Guy's avatar
The black background looks great, makes the colors really stand out. I hope you do more like this one.
34retro-gaming's avatar
Ahh another beauttiful one!
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SO MUCH YES!! Es increible! 
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Totally love it! :D I like darker desktops, too. Might have to swap my Rarity for this one :3
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WOW! Now my new wallpaper! :D
DJ-AppleJ-Sound's avatar
I love both backgrounds, but I'll use this one for now :D
dSana's avatar
My new wallpaper :)
cat-in-the-web's avatar
wow this looks gorgeous! the black bg really makes the colors pop^O^ but i'm not too sure about the new episode though :/
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Love to see these.
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This looks surprisingly good in black!
MerihemXx's avatar
Vitani-Yuy's avatar
I rather like the black, makes all theother colours seem so much more vibrant
pip-pip-rah's avatar
i am def. ok with this
SnoopyStallion's avatar
another great silhouette ^^ 

man those silhouettes should decorade whole walls 
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I love this with the black. It really make the rainbow pop. :D
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