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Princess of Equestria Twilight Silhouette Wall

 Big alicorn Twi!  I'm not super fond of this design, but I liked the series finale overall.  The "Magic of Friendship Grows" was a wonderful song to go out on.

I had some hiccups in making this one and unicorn Twi… life stuff, switching my website hosting provider, and some new hardware - including an ultrawide monitor.  So I went ahead and added 21:9 versions for each!

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Other sizes:

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I would love to use this as a background of my stream

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Goodbye my princess 😭

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Is it okay if I can edit this like how :iconconniethecasanova: does it?
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;) :) i love it! Could you do the other mane 6 all grown up as well? Thanks! Great art.

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twilight will have to live through all her friends dying..... just a reminder for anyone having a good day 
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I always love to see these silhouette designs from you! I have them all set as my wallpaper, so it cycles through all of them over time. ^^
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Good morning, So Wonderful!!!!!.
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The story may be over for now but that doesn’t mean we have to close the book
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-shudders at seeing Twilight Grown Alicorn design- -_-
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