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Princess Twilight Silhouette Wall

BEHOLD! The Princess Twilight cometh!! ... The lyrics on that song made me cringe a bit...

So I hadn't intended to do Twilight just yet, but I started doodling her new royalness after the finale, and one thing led to another... I might still do another Twilight, in her vintage unicorn form.

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Hello sambaneko !!
I really LOVE your ponies silhouettes, may I use them in a soundboard phone app I'm developing please ? Those are perfect wallpapers ! Thank you for the answer.
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Could you perhaps make it for 1366x786 please?
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This is amazingTwilight (Squee) Plz 
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hello! i was wondering can you make my mlp oc? if YOU make them...
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SambaNeko, are you selling this design on I found a pillowcase that has this piece on it and I am worried someone might be stealing your work! Here's the listing, hopefully this is usage you authorized.…
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1600x900 is gone.
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Oh derp, the file name had an extra zero in it! Fixed, and thanks for letting me know!
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So amazing! I love all of you're silhouettesWink/Razz  
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These look freaking amazing.
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You're welcome!
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Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! twilight sparkle icon Twily Icon :3 Clapping Pony Icon - Twilight Sparkle Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] Love Tards Can i use this as a wallpaper, please?
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Thank you! :D  And yes, of course :)
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uhh they all just damn awsome ;3;
i love the colous you chose
it all really fits to wlight!
i wish you would make this from shining amore too!
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