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Pinkie Pie Silhouette Wall

The pink one at last! PARTY!

On tumblr

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Here is a large PNG with transparency (and here's one without the BG bars); please mind the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License terms (no commercial usage; no derivative works; personal usage is okay; sharing with credit is okay).

See all silhouette pony walls here!
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Hey, I was wondering; is it even possible to for me to get a transparent background of this image?

Because there's obviously strips of light and all that, so I'm not sure if you could even do it...
I just really like the work you do and it makes for a great background on my desktop; especially since my monitor is actually one of the few that's larger than 1900x1200, so you providing larger resolutions makes it look much nicer.
Heeya :3
I Love your art and especially this Pinkie Pie silhoette. :3 
And I was wondering if I could use this picture to print it on a phone case for personal use.
I won't be selling it and if people ask, I will say that you made it and that they should check out your page. :3
Keep up the good work!
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Yup! That's fine by me - thanks for asking :)
Thank you very much :D =^^=
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Zomg can I use this for my facebook fanpage?? I'm a big Pinkie fan and your art is AWESOMAZING~!! :heart: :excited: :heart:
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Sure! If you could include credit and link back (to my DA or FB page), I'd appreciate it :)
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I did both! I tagged your FB page and linked your work, hope you saw it~! :meow:
SambaNeko's avatar
Yup, I saw! Thanks a bunch! :)
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you're welcome! thank YOU for being awesomazing~! :meow:
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Do I see a party canon?
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So going to use! 
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Hey could i use this as a header for a journal skin? It would be a gift for my friend Butters<3
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Sure! Please include a credit link if you can. :)
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what program do you use?

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Adobe Illustrator
Your style is insane. I love it love it! Not a typo.
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