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Octavia Silhouette Wall - Black Edition

Black version of Octavia, requested over on my tumblr.

If this post works properly, it'll be the first one I've made via API... otherwise please excuse any oddities - I'll fix 'em.

On tumblr

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I really love the dark theme ones of these! They're all awesome but I am just generally a fan of dark color schemes and these 'Black Edition' ones turned out really well!
all of these are awesome!
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API? What did you do now?
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Made myself a web app that can submit art to all of my sites (DA, Tumblr, FB, Twitter) from one place. Makes things more efficient for me :) (still some bugs to fix in the code though...)
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OMG! That sounds amazing XD

(I wish I can code something other than HTML, CSS, and PHP. ^^)
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All the programming's actually in PHP :)  FB, Twitter and tumblr all have open source PHP libraries you can utilize.  DA was more work since it doesn't seem to have many developers working on it (so it's hard to find any examples or discussion); I might do a write-up on the DA code just so there's more info out there!
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Awesome! Wish I knew how to do that ^^
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It's so detailed and beautiful! I love it!!!
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this looks stunning! 
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