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Octavia Silhouette Wall

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I just randomly stumbled into you and absolutely love all your work. Just thought you should know!
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I am using this for a youtube video , there is credit for you in the description , please let me know if you want me to take it down
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Can you link the video?
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That's fine by me; thanks!
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Hey, where is Spike?
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Awesome wallpaper as always. 

Its not as simple as it looks.

Again, may I use for my fic?
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Sure!  Please include a credit link back to my gallery :)  
(same answer for Sweetie Belle as well)
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Awesome wallpaper. 

Its not as simple as it looks.

Again, may I use for my fic?
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is there a phone friendly version? i want these as wallpapers but my phone doesn't like the size of these...
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Still one of my favorite images ever. Thanks for making one of 'Tavi :)
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Thanks! I'm trying to get all of the mane 6 represented next, so there should be a Pinkie soon too. :)
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Hey hope you don't mind but I featured this wallpaper on my YouTube Series Equals P you can check it out here [link]
P.S This is so good it should be painted as graffiti.
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Nope, don't mind; thanks for the feature and the link! :) (and sorry for the super-late reply...)
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Yeah, liking this better with the arm on the neck. (Even if it's a bit iffy on the how, but whatever. Pony "arms" are questionably bendy/stretchy/dexterous.)
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I love your work. It's just so beautiful and elegant, and I'm not just talking about this one. They are all wonderful. I had to get an automatic wallpaper switcher because I couldn't decide. X3 Keep up the good work. P.S. Perhaps their is a Vinyl Scratch in our future? *prays*
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Vinyl is actually already here: [link] :)
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Yeah I just found it about 3 minutes ago. X3 My prayer was answered before I even prayed, thank you Luna!
So going to be my Linux background.
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